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Hi Kathy, I'm one of the tidy tutor insiders I joined a week or two ago - its going great! I cant believe how my life has changed!


...Kathy should win a nobel peace price for all the peace she grant us in our formerly chaotic lives.


I am so thankful for what this program has done for my life and the fact that today my house is fairly clean so I don't have to work my fingers to the bones and not feel like I've accomplished absolutely nothing.


*Note from me: Valerie enrolled in Tidy Tutor University 4 weeks prior - Life can change, you can change it, let me help you!*

Did morning routine -bible study, pray , put away dishes and laundry, chemicals in pool, made lunch, left instructions for sitter and girls. Planned dinner and evening tasks. Now off to work. Have a tidy day peeps!!


So, it's been almost two weeks since I joined TTU and I must say life in my house is getting easier. I joined TTU out of desperation. My husband and I had one of our "usual" fights about how the kids didn't need to clean cause they are out of desperation I reached out to Katherine and thank GOD I did.

Since I started TTU I have been able to do things that I would have NEVER imagined myself doing, things like making an effort to make sure that my sinks are cleaned every night, and for the first time in NINE years my husband came over and told me that he was proud of me and that he could tell that I was making progress.

That wasn't even the comment that sent my self esteem through the roof, it was his next comment: I am glad to see the kids actually pitching in.....YES!!!! Atleast he is now recognizing that THEY CAN be held responsible for their own chores. ‪#‎thismomaisonaroll‬


my veggie garden at the southeast corner of my place. I would never, EVER had planted it if I had not joined the Tidy Tutor University... There was no way I would have ever gotten organized enough "inside" my house to even consider planting a veggie garden "outside"... I will have enough tomatoes and peppers to be able to bottle them for the winter :) Feeling very happy and pleased with myself !!


Im lovin every idea,method,instruction you suggest, saved my life, Ive been in the process of doing this for months but was very overwhelmed without direction and sense, now Im on my way to unclutter,free life. Thank you


Just got home from my trip... We got a little cabin in the woods. We went canoeing, zip lining, had a fire, went fishing, and cooked out. The only problem is with lots of outdoors fun comes a lot of mess. I was exhausted just thinking about putting everything away. Usually I would bring it in and it would stay there in bags on the floor until I felt like putting it away. But when I can home to nice clean house something clicked. I put everything away in 45 min and have the laundry in the washer. Now I can rest until it's time to start my night time routine! Not to mention the peace of mind I will get from not staring at the mess for a week. 45 min was well worth a weeks less with of stress. (note from Kathy: Amy was considering not taking TTU until after she came home from vacation. What would 2 weeks on a course do before she had to stop for a week? That is what it would do!)


My middle boy graduates today and I don't have to hide!! He once told me he was sooo embarrassed by his house my heart broke!! Now he tells me everyday that he's happy his friends can come over!!!


If dieting was as easy as decluttering with Kathy I would be beautiful! But instead, my house is looking great and I am happy, stress free, and have time to be outside...


Thank you Kathy...I am absolutely on my way to minimalism today..and thanks to you and your huge inspiration..its goes so much my new home..will bring you some picture basement is almost empty today..HUGS to you..and Thank You!


I had a proud (TTU) moment to share! My son just came up to me and said, "Mooommyyyy, where are my army men?" He hasn't played with them in forever. I said that either I donated them, or they got packed up in the attic when I did Holiday/Emergency Stash and Dash before Christmas.

Hold on, let me check my list for the attic. Oh, the army men are in Box #1! Down they came in a flash... Yay!


Thanks soooo much for everything! I'm love love loving TTU MORE EVERY SINGLE DAY. Of course I'm FAR from perfect, but when I do apply it I feel like IVE DIED AND GONE TO HEAVEN. Greatest thing so far is after de junking things still get messy but cleaning up is soooo much faster and easier...And so now there's so much less anxiety around house work in general.. Wait, what?!? Did I just say that? :)


Thank you TTU - we dedicated our daughter at church today! I was able to have a date with hubby last night and We got to church 15 min early because of the TTU plan! Lots of details involved in this weekend. I am resting today because lunches were prepped in lunch boxes and dinner is in slow cooker!! Thank you!


"I always thought that I didn't have time to be organized but using your timer method for the weekly Zone Focus and then your daily areas, it is so easy and I am patient with other areas that need more help because I know if I just take it one day at a time, it will get done! I love your ebook, it's a life-saver!"


My 1 year anniversary in TTU just passed & I can't believe how different my life is & how much I changed. Thank you!

Jennifer C.

Thanks for your all your help as my TIdy Tutor. You have given me a whole new lease on life…

I was at my daughter's apartment… She was trying to make room for a new roommate. She said "I just can't do this!" I put on Tidy Tutor clips to the rescue! She said that you are adorable! She really got motivated that night, and the next day she was still texting me that she got through two more night stands!

Marian W.

I stumbled on The Tidy Tutor after I plugged in "organizing ideas" in a youtube search. About 7 months ago, I watched and loved her first lesson. Although I truly appreciated Kathy's approach and everything she said, I didn't see how further lessons could be any more informative. I didn't enroll in TTU (I do regret missing 5 months of this). Fast forward 5 months, and I'm right back where I started, except this time I remembered The Tidy Tutor. After paying the nominal $197 (seriously, yes, I said "nominal" because, for the peace I've gotten, IT IS) I started going for it! While I'm still relatively new, I can tell you that if you've made it so far as to be reading my message then you need this just as much as I do. DO IT! Take the course! Join Insiders! It is IMPOSSIBLE to regret!

Christina A.

Hi Kathy, It's almost my 1 year anniversary in TTU it was definitely money well spent. My house isn't perfect but it's always 30 mins from company. You have changed my life & in turn, I'm teaching my 11 year old. I was just like her growing up & I'm hoping she can avoid the pitfalls I went through being OC. So thank you very much for developing this wonderful program.

The part of your program that resonated with me most was the tough no excuses. Let's be honest, I was in that mess because like a little kid "I didn't wanna do it". Now I made new habits, the old is no longer acceptable in my home which gives me dignity….

Jennifer C.

Things are getting back to normal, all the Xmas stuff is getting stored. The best part is that this year I wasn't stressed out with all the extra stuff that happens with the holidays. I wasn't overwhelmed. I just kept cleaning my zones, knowing it was going to be ok. No anxiety. Best Xmas in years.


just wanted to thank you all for your support! Last night, I had a moms night out- got my hair done… and spent time with girlfriends in a quaint downtown area! First time in 4 yrs I've slowed down to celebrate my bday! Today we celebrate my daughters bday! Busy time, but working the TTU plan!

My tree is up!! (note from Kathy: Christmas tree) First time in 3 yrs! It's so nice as it gets darker at 4:30 to turn it on in the evening! …Finished my cocoa packets for a party Friday! Woohoo!! Delegated birthday party planning to hubby for daughter! Let's do this Christmas!!


Just wanted to say hi and especially thank you to Kathy. It's two days before Christmas and all my presents (but two that are still coming) are wrapped. The house is on it's way to being ready for company, and I am not stressing about Christmas day… Never thought it was possible that Christmas could feel so smooth or that I wouldn't have to be up all night wrapping! Thank you Kathy for all of your advice and support and merry Christmas to you all!


Thank you Kathy. Tidy Tutor has really inspired me and helped to get a handle on things. In April my mom had a heart attack. We thought we would lose her. As I made my way from Maryland to California I prayed to just give us more time with her… she made it through…When I rushed to California I just took a small bag with me. I had no problem living with what little I had brought. When I returned home I realized how little of the hoard really mattered to me. All that mattered was we had been given more time with Mom. That's when the big project to empty this place started. It hasn't always been easy but it is very close to done. You are so right, Katherine, we need to enjoy life and not be buried in junk.


The last couple of days have been crazy… Last night when I came home I looked around and every thing was a mess. The dishes weren't done…my house was a hot mess.

But instead of feeling depressed and overwhelmed I got to work. In a very short time it was back to normal. I knew exactly what to do.

I did not let my environment control how I felt about myself. I used to think that because I couldn't keep my house clean I was a bad wife, Mother and person.

My self esteem was a reflection of how I kept my home.

Today I know better. I'm so much happier and my husband and children are too.

Just wanted to say how much easier my daily life is. I don't spend all my time cleaning anymore. I don't have the anxiety that comes with living in chaos. I'm taking better care of myself. I even bought new cloths. Thank you Kathy


Yesterday I went to do the laundry and there wasn't enough to do a load! This has never happened before. I'm used to piles and piles all piles all over the floor and everywhere else. I had a WOW moment! Just had to share.


Thanks SO much for all you do. It has been and continues to be remarkable journeying with you as one of my most important mentors. I don't hesitate to say that the changes in my life are nothing short of PROFOUND. God Bless you always!

Mary Ann

Today I saw something I'd never seen in my house, an organized space!


Kathy, I can't believe it's working. :) and so quickly.

Carol R.

My new OG friend came over yesterday… when she came out of our guest bathroom she asked me… How come you never have any dust on things when I come over? What? Really? YEP! I told her about "once over day". (Smiling from ear to ear and doing the happy TTU dance)!!! — feeling accomplished


The past 4 days has been spent planning a funeral for a dear family member and readying my home for the post funeral wake/gathering ... There is no way I would be able to accommodate over 75 people in my...home in 95 degree weather, if I had excess...

TTU has put me on the path of simple living. I coulda made this happen last year, but, goodness the stress would have been so much more intense. When s#it happens, and it's been happenin' for us, I am so much more able to manage things by simply having less stuff. I couldn't be more grateful for finding support and the path for me!


Hosting… at our house today. Not a problem. A little bit of straightening up, cutting up apples and cheese for snacks and we are good to go! This would NOT have happened six months ago! Yeah Tidy Tutor! Another satisfied and grateful household!


Before I started Kathy's course I had to run out from home every day a couple of hours..cause I got to stressed in my home …- and that cost money..cause you gotta go for a coffee shop and just calm down with whats going on.. and I used to do my planning how to get in order from there..then back home again...

since I started with TTU I haven´t gent to any coffee shops more than a couple of times..but I get stuff done anyway without inspiration from outside now.. and saving money from all those coffee places..

I do the whole Insiders class too and love that I always have access to a video or cafweetalk when ever I need inspiration to keep going..and my computer decluttering has started absolutely wonderful..

I do my 30 minutes timer every day maybe 4 times..
and soon I will be able to get back in business with my art ..
but first my computer must be decluttered and organized..
I am working BIG steps now..

and I do Loooove to a free therapy …of letting stuff go..letting my control freak slowly surrender..ha ha


Kathy, my husband came into the bedroom the other day and said, "What a pleasure it is to come in here now. Can I write to Kathy and tell her thank you?" … There are a lot of spouses, family, kids, friends, whoever, who are really thankful for you Kathy. You're a world changer in so many ways…


I have noticed a couple of changes since I started this class (Tidy Tutor University)..

1. My dishwasher was only 1/ 3 every day ..why? cause I don't eat all the time and drink tea or chocolate all the time..cause I am busy doing decluttering ...

2. I lost weight..I just feel and see it..and I have not been on diet.. hmm

3. I am not tired as know this exhausted tiredness that you feel ..I think that was all the stuff I had to do..but it just went circles.. interesting to notice...


I live in a 660 square foot home with a 4000 sq foot "things and stuff" that I thought were important before I found you "tidy tutor". For a few years now I knew I had to change but did not know quite how to. After much prayer, God sent your help my way. Each day gives me more encouragement. Thank you again.


A lot of organizational specialists have great ideas, but you are the first who really hit my inner core and made me rethink and now, change the way we are living. Thank you!


Reading the book Finally Organized written by Kathy Roberts really did show me how to get organized in 4 weeks and like it!
I went from chaos to order and I found out that my family can be organized too! Just by me getting my act together they were able to do the same! This is amazing how good I feel about myself, my life and the unlimited possibilities out in the world for me and my family and friends! It just opened up a whole new world for me.

The book was not intimidating because it was easy and simple to read . It gave easy steps and rules to get started and got me aligned to her Tidy Tutor University class perfectly. I was ready to make my binder by the time i joined the class.

Thank you Kathy for your system and that allowed me the person who I really want to be now !

Paula Dumouchel-Clay

I love Katherine's tip on setting the timer! I teach children with motivation issues and I have always used a timer for their classwork sessions. Not sure why it never occurred to me to use the same approach on myself! DUH!!!! Works like a charm!… I consider Katherine to be a God-send, I found her and her timer technique on a day I was absolutely LOSING it …. I prayed for an answer and low and behold, Katherine's Tidy Tutor revealed itself through Google. It has helped (with my) relationship so much!!!!!!!!! Thank you, Katherine!!!!!!!!


Thanks Kathy!! I love your tidy tutor! It has changed me!




I love your program … I've read a boat load of organizing books & magazines and nothing has clicked with me like this…

Jennifer C.

I LOVE ur program. Today, I realized things are becoming normal when they're clean not in disarray. I also love seeing my EMPTY hamper, empty floor, n general order of things.


Thanks to your paper organizing system, I just had a bill collector call me for a bill I already paid. The paper work was at my fingertips immediately and I noticed they actually owe me exactly $100.00. I just made the price of my TTU tuition back!!!!!


WOW Your methods do work! Now I wipe up my kitchen everyday in 15 minutes and it stays that way…


All I can say is wow, what a difference TTU has made... now, I'm getting understanding and knowledge to deal with all this. Thank you so much...

Thank You Kathy... I feel in control of my life as much as God has given me a brain and body for. No guilt. No condemnation. Just Peace. Thank you


I've been working on TTU for about a month now and I can't begin to describe what a difference I already see in our lives. Thank you!!


Tomorrow I'm having an old friend over for dinner-my first date since I've been divorced! ...I NEVER would have considered this before TTU! Yay!!!


I am using a TTU Program Guideline that is helping ENORMOUSLY: It is the standardizing bedtime & getting up. My "brain" feels much more orderly--rather than chaotic & impending doom--WOW! WOW, WOW!... Thank YOU, Kathy!


Wanted to keep you posted on my progress.
I'm up to S. 3.5 (in tidy tutor University) and loving it....
Believe it or not I think your system may save my relationship. I think you're brilliant and wonderful. What a blessing you are. (note from Kathy, OMG that makes me so happy!!!!)


So this morning I found myself quite excited to be able to place the clothes I was going to change into, after my shower, on the counter and not worry about them getting caked in soap, toothpaste, hair gel or whatever else was layered on the surface! The "Bathroom Swish" is my forever friend!


Kathy. You'll never know what a difference you've made to my whole way of thinking xx thank you


One of my favorite routines I learned from The Tidy Tutor is washing a load a day. This simple action eliminated the dreaded LAUNDRY DAY. So I gained a whole day that used to be wasted doing laundry all day. Then also being overwhelmed by a week's worth of piles of dirty laundry everywhere. No more bulging laundry hampers and piles of dirty laundry. One simple load each day, easy to put away quickly. Now I don't even have any laundry on weekends. It's wonderful and so so easy.


Love you too Kathy!!! You have truly changed my life my world, and my home for the absolute better!!! :)


I feel like I have so much more time to move to the next deeper level of trashing-out/organizing. Yay Me! ... I'm lovin' my tidy life! Thanks Kathy!


I told my daughter what I was doing, and she said, "Mom, you sound so organized!" I already know what I am going to wear tomorrow, and everything is ready to go. Kathy, you are a genius! What a difference this makes!


Tearing through the kitchen clutter. AMAZED how fast this is going! I had stuff piled in here for years and years, and thought this would take all week to get through. In reality it took about a half hour. Most of it will be donated to either school or Goodwill. Out it goes!


Each day, it is getting easier to live my life on purpose. Getting organized is proving to be a key to my success. Thanks for all the motivation!


I am sooooo grateful for having stumbled upon you (via Pinterest) late one night. That is what got this ball rolling. My life is forever changed!!!


Thank you for this timely Writing. You have ESP and wisdom. I love what you asked in one of your videos, "would a Princess ( or prince) live like this?" That question has truly transformed my thinking about my house and everything in it-every object and piece of clothing. Thank you. .. I feel so lucky to have found your website and youtubes. Take care. I hope you Can stay cool is this weather.


My little apartment is more tidy after every viewing. You are a natural teacher.


Kathy, I just finished listening to your 10 Tidy Tips. I emailed them to my family... you have some very basic things that as I follow them it makes it all so much easier. Do it NOW! and Do the Dishes! My husband and I are using these simple rules to create more order around us. Thank you.


I really enjoy reading your tips and posts... And I have to say that I loved your tip of having 2 desk days. It really helped get my home office space organized. I also loved your tip on creating a to-do list and placing as item #1, the one item that will make us happy if we complete it first. You have no idea how productive I have been since I have found your page. Keep doing what you're doing Sister!! It's working for us fans out there!!


Omg, I love your cawfee tawks, I've only been to a couple and I'm realizing now I need to go to more! You are so great at it! Love it!


i was moved(: you really give me good spirit food...


I feel a connection with you... I am determined to live well and full. Finding your videos seems like a reward.


My name is Uni. I live in Indonesia. I have a more positive image of myself now, after watching your videos. I am not a slob, I am just organizationally challenged.

I've been doing the morning and evening routines for one week and my life has changed. I don't rush again in the morning and I feel better :)

Thank you for making and sharing the videos. Tips from you really work well for me.

God Bless You


Your tips are the best, I am so thankful I found you , while I was looking on youtube. Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!


What an awesome video ! You are so effective because you are so real !! The adjectives you sometimes use express that you are very real !


Hi Kathy, I'm so glad that I met you virtually :) You helped me to see myself different already. Today we had first time family dinner... yay! ...Laundry tip was very helpful too, i didn't know why i get my clothes wrinkled ( i used to leave them in the dryer overnight) wow! I am excited... and looking forward for new tips ;) God bless you


I absolutely love TTU, it is such a great course! Thank you, Kathy! It is probably the best investment in my life that I've ever made.


Time for me to go clean out another closet :). I love how clean and shiny my house is now, thanks to you! :)


I just LOVE you! Thank you for all your encouragement!!!!

Annie G.

In two years, I expect you to be in the Forbes Magazine's Fasting Growing companies in America issue.


I love you Kathy!


love your videos and am transforming my life with your encouragement and a lot of work!


I love your videos they are life changing!


Love your inspiration Kathy!


I love it! I just cleaned out my "linen closet" which was actually spread all over the house. It is amazing how we can collect linens- you get tired of the old ones, get new ones and never pass on the old ones on to others! Think of all those shelters that could use our linens. I did save some for the kids to build forts and for covering plants in a freeze! I donated 4 giant trash bags full! Thanks for the inspiration!


Of course, your tips are just really common sense..But what seems to be working for me is your straight forwardness.. My husband was pleasently suprised to see it actually working. The key is like you said, changing habits, and thought processes.. And sometimes I just need someone to get in my face a Go Do IT Now!!.. and TIOT..perfect..

I love how you say, "people like us".. I'm not alone..=)

Keep up the good work!

P.S. My dishes have stayed clean for three days! and even my children have been washing them after they use 'em!!! Successs!!! =)


Let me just say, I LOVE YOU! You are truly inspiring me! I can not get enough of your videos and helpful hints!!!

I just wanted to share with you and personally thank you for your help! Keep the tips and videos coming!


Wonderful video! I just did this and can't believe how quick everything was. I gave myself 20 mins to tidy my dressing table - I tidied the whole room in that time! It took 27 minutes to do the other 3 things and I had thought I'd be here for hours! Thank you!


Oh My GOD, you just made my life 100 times easier and funner :-) I love those videos where we work together keep doing those plzzzzz

You don't know how much this helps, i'm thanking you from the bottom of my heart


Another great message! Thanks Kathy! I'm headed for those socks and dishes! I am wonderful just the way I am!


...I am a 3rd grade teacher and just got out for the summer. Much of my personal life got put on the back burner this year, and I am now pumped up about getting it all organized. I googled "motivation to clean" and found your clip on youtube. I watched it and got hooked. Each video I could find of yours I watched. Now I already have a clean kitchen! Thank you for posting such motivational videos. Your personality is really fun, and I love that you were not an "OG," as you say. Thank you for helping me get back on track!


That was fun to watch and helpful, thank you!


GREAT video! i love the great sense of humor YET still keeping the seriousness of your lesson. and the music is awesome!


love your videos kathy! your tips are really beginning to make a difference to my life

Natalie Clarke

You really did motivate me! Thanks for the video :)) great!


I started doing what you said for 2 days now and Oh My God I just love my life now! I did the store thing today, and it just makes your way back home and stuff to do later on 100 times easier I find things super quickly now

Thank you thank you thank you xoxo


Thanks Tidy Tutor. Very informative video


I love these videos, I'm going to do this now, I'll throw out 21 things.


This was cool. I got to visit NYC and you helped me save money from actually traveling there. ha ha.... GREAT VIDEO


Amazing! My home is gorgeous now!


You really did motivate me! Thanks for the video :)) great!


This really did motivate me to clean my house! I really appreciate your upbeat tone and the useful tips. :) Thanks.


I watch this video every morning since i found it, you did not only make house work easier but also getting on delayed work sooooo much fun and unstressing, with your permission i took the liberty to post some on my Facebook...Expecting more tips from you and i can't wait for your e-book :-)


Thank you SO much for this video! Today I was feeling SO depressed, because I wanted to clean our house, but it's just so messy, and I didn't know where to start. It's so overwhelming when you have so much to do... Thanks!


Thank you!! I laughed along with you and got so much done!


Kathy has a generous heart and spirit which is able to coach people to move forward with organizing their life, home, junk room, or office, whatever it is they want help with. She is a pleasure to learn from with a sense of humor as well as a direct style that gets to the heart of the matter without a lot of fluff. She is also one who listens very closely so she is able to make every effort to help her clients see and understand in their own way how to best approach their own challenges. Kathy is a down-to-earth mentor. For anyone who wants to clear the clutter in their life and/or live more freely by getting things done & feeling good about all they can accomplish by following her instruction, I highly recommend taking advantage of Kathy’s expertise. I’ve attended Kathy’s classes and her tips and system have made a long-term change to my habits and in my life.


This video really makes me want to change my unorganized ways and really get into the process of actually doing it! thank you so much! These ideas are extremely helpful and great! I love all your helpful tips and can't wait for more!


Wonderful! Very helpful! Would recommend to everyone I know who needs help with organizing their home. Teacher was great! One of the best instructors I've had. She was a riot! Would like to take another class with her.


This course absolutely met my expectations and then some. I got so much out of it that I'm actually using in real life. I highly recommend it. She was great, informative, knowledgeable, above and beyond in being helpful and entertaining. I looked forward to her class and was sad when the 4 weeks were over.


Well it has been three days on my new schedule and I love it. I have implemented the daily schedule and it works for me just fine...This class is just what I needed in my life.


The classes lasted an hour and it was fun and easy. I did the assignments as directed and really felt a sense that I was in control of my life. I can not believe how things have changed for me. I live in a peaceful house, and I am on top of all of my outside commitments. I just can’t say enough!


The best kind of teacher, and the most qualified, is one who does not cause shame to their students." -That is what we have found here.


So many ways my life has been impacted by TTU. If I had to quickly sum up the most valuable thing I've gotten, I'd have to say that even when my house has a little crazy going on I don't tell myself "here I go again" or "if only I could be more OG". I know in my bones that I'm in control. I no longer question whether or not I can make big things happen in my life. Nobody can take away or un-teach me what I've learned from Kathy Roberts!