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"No one ever wins the lottery and says they are going to quit home."
- Kathy Roberts

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"I absolutely love TTU--it is such a great course! Thank you, Kathy! It is probably the best investment in my life that I’ve ever made."

Olga Blagoeva, TTU Graduate

Tomorrow I’m having an old friend over for dinner--my first date since I’ve been divorced! …I NEVER would have considered this before TTU! Yay!!! (note from Kathy: Becky is now married :))

Becky, TTU Graduate

"You have truly changed my life my world, and my home for the absolute better!!!"

Kristyn, TTU Graduate

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"How To Clean A Messy Room: Step-by-step"

"If you feel like your apartment or home is holding you back… you need this book! This book will empower you with the know how to get out of your mess… Reading this book is an investment in your family's future." - Michelleva

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