Debbie Hadad – 1 Year Coaching Terms and Conditions

1 year of one-on-one coaching with Kathy Roberts and Debbie Hadad.

We will meet once a week for 12 months. For up to 1 hour each week. The first meeting may be 2 hours in duration.

Our scheduled time is to be strictly enforced and we have a commitment for each meeting to remain on topic.

It is understood that the commitment to our schedule is of the highest importance and unless there is an emergency the meeting dates will be upheld.

Should there be an emergency, a make-up session must be held that current week (unless otherwise agreed upon under extreme circumstances).

If there is an emergency and 24-hour notice is not possible, Debbie will let Kathy know as soon as possible. Not notifying Kathy within 24 hours of an emergency will be considered a missed meeting and can not be made up.

Unlimited text messages in between meetings are part of the contract, however, as per request, there will be specific accountability texting throughout. Kathy will send the reminders, and Debbie is responsible to respond.

Kathy is not expected to respond on Sundays but Debbie understands that texting on Sundays may be necessary at times and it totally ok. Just that Kathy may not respond on Sunday.

Kathy will respond to all texts as soon as humanly possible, but there is an allowance for a 24-hour response should it be necessary.

We will meet on Wednesdays at 3 pm MST (5 pm Eastern).

On Saturdays.  Debbie will text message to touch base with Kathy no later than 3 pm MST.

If all is well then a text with “all is well” can be sent, however, if there is any difficulty or struggle it is Debbie’s responsibility and commitment to let Kathy know so it can be assessed and addressed that day with a phone call. Should there be a need for a phone call, it will be approximately 15 minutes and Debbie will let kathy know as early in the day as possible.

It is understood that assignments will be agreed upon during each coaching call. Should there be something Debbie does not feel can be accomplished it is Debbie’s responsibility to let Kathy know during that call so we create a plan that does feel doable.

Kathy is not responsible for assignments not completed and Debbie will allow herself grace when hitting bumps in the road. Debbie acknowledges that there is no such thing as perfection and that having Kathy as a coach to help during difficult times is part of the program.

It is Debbie’s responsibility to communicate with Kathy if she needs additional help throughout the week.  Kathy is committed to helping Debbie!

I understand that this is a 1-year commitment. And failure to show up for appointments does not cancel the agreement.

Debbie has instructed Kathy to, “Call her on her shit.” and take it gracefully, as she said… “This is what I’m paying you for.” Kathy agrees to do it all in love.

It is agreed that a pre-paid payment of $4,000.00 will be sent by check to Kathy @ 510 West Street Longbranch NJ, 07740  for the first 4 months and then each quarter thereafter.