It Goes Where it Goes

Think of things that you are always looking for. You know what those things are. Here are some examples: Your keys, your jacket, your sunglasses and or your glasses, your purse or wallet, your shoes, your iPod, and ear buds…

Just think of the things you scramble for in the morning when you are leaving the house.

I want you to make a place for each of those items. Here are some ideas: A hook for your keys right by the door you use most often when entering and leaving your home.

You need to begin a new habit. Every time you get home, before you do anything, Your keys keys go on that hook. If they leave your hands, that is where they go.

Get another hook and place it somewhere that is convenient for your purse to hang on. Then you put it on that hook when it leaves your hand after you enter the house. You can put it behind your bedroom door, a hall closet door or in your hallway. Pick a spot, put up a hook and there you go, a home for your purse.

No more unconsciously dropping things where you stand.

If it is your wallet that you need a place for, get a small basket for your dresser and put it in that. (If there are things you remove from your pockets every day or before bed, you can place all those items in that basket as well)

Get a decorative bowl or basket and place it by your front door, or on a table by your entrance way. Now, if you don’t have a table by your entrance way, then put a decorative bowl somewhere in your home and put your iPod, ear buds, and sunglasses in it. Now you will know where to look for those things when you need one of them.

If they are out of your hand they are to be released into that bowl!

This is going to sound like a DAGH! Moment… but you do know that all the great baseball players practice fundamentals every day. That is how they stay great!

Hang up your jacket and put away your shoes.

I know it has been a habit to put your jacket on the back of a chair and kick your shoes off under the table, under your desk, or by the couch. Right now, today, make it a conscious habit to put them away instead. If they are to leave your hand (or feet) they are to be where they belong.

The time saved, and aggravation avoided by employing what I have suggested here, in tip number 6, is worth its weight in gold.