Tip # 3 Laundry

Here is something that is EASY and you will not believe how great it will work!You will be so happy about how laundry issues will become a thing of the past.

Before bed you are to put a load of laundry in the washing machine and when you first wake up you are to put that load in the dryer.

Then you just go on with your morning. When the clothes are finished drying, you must take the clothes out. They will be wrinkled if you don’t and it will not make you happy!

If you have time to fold them, then fold them, and keep them in the basket till you get home to put them away.

If you do not have time to fold them then take them out of the dryer and lay them flat. This will keep them for being wrinkled when you are ready to fold them.

When you get home you are to fold them AND then put them away.

If you were able to fold them before you left the house then just put them away when you get home.

Now I know it is a challenge putting away clothes because the drawers are stuffed with items that you barely ever ware. Possibly they are filled with last seasons wardrobe.

Do the best you can for now. We will get to de-junking soon enough.

With Love,