The Telephone

This is really important to becoming organized, I am going to address the telephone. I want you to think about not answering your cell at home just because it rings. Think of it as a rude interruption if you are in the middle of something, or you have a plan, or even if you are conversing with family let the call go to voicemail.

This is what I did when I first began to get organized. I was instructed to this rule: Shut off the TV, and stop answering the phone.

You have to realize that organized people? It is what they do. They take care of first things first.

Now I have 5 children, and I will give you some 20/20, they get big really quickly, My daughter is 31 years old, and when I think back and remember how it used to be when I was severely disorganized. I was always on the phone and gabbing. My children would come to me calling, “Mommy Mommy” and I would say “Wait a minute I’m on the phone.” “Can’t you see a I’m on the phone!” all annoyed like…

I could smack myself upside the head, I swear, because I cant get that time back, and the person I was talking too? Where are they now? I don’t even know.

To become organized you must re-evaluate your lifestyle. You must step back and realize that things have to change. You can not continue to do what you have been doing or life will remain the same. You will not live an organized life.

One of the things you are going to find out as you begin to venture into the land of organization, is that when you begin to pull back from the things that you used to jump to do. When you begin to change things up, some people are going to disappear from your life. When you’re not there for certain people anymore, the way you used to be some of your ‘friends’ will drop off.

If that happens, good, at least you found out now. The people who stick around, are the people who love you. The ones that will be really happy that you have decided to reevaluate your priorities, and get it straight.

When you think about it if you were at work and someone stood in front of you and said Ring! Ring! Ring,! You would say, excuse me I’m working. You wouldn’t feel funny about that, you wouldn’t answer them.

Think of it the same way when you are at home. When the phone rings, think to yourself, “I can’t answer that I’m working.” Home life is important, your life is important, your little babies are important if you’ve got them.

Take the time to do what is right, you will not regret it. I promise.