Tip #2 Looking Calm, Cool, & Collected

How To Turn Procrastination Into Action And Get Things Done With Less Stress, More Confidence, and Composure.

As an organizationally challenged person, there’s no doubt you’re a master of procrastination just like I was.

Because us OCs say “I’ll do it later” all the time (and most of the time without realizing it), things are always falling behind, getting forgotten about, and things never get completed.

Without this new habit, life is filled with stress and chaos.

Running around trying to get things done, but feeling like you’re always behind the eight ball, is just about one of the most horrible feelings to have day in and day out…

Today I want to help you get a big piece of your life back. 

When you procrastinate and put things off ’til later’, saying to yourself, “It can wait!” always seems manageable with all the other stuff you’ve got to do. 

It’s not until you’re running late, trying to find your keys, tripping over stuff, searching under half-finished projects, and disrupting the household in a flurry of rushed craziness, that you wish you NEVER said “I’ll get to it later!”

Living like this can’t help, but affects, your self-confidence. When it happens in public it becomes even worse. People’s judging eyes and pointing fingers just makes us wish we could disappear… 🙁

Luckily you’ve got Tip#2 Looking Calm, Cool, And Collected – AKA – “Do it Now” 

When you use this tip you will start to experience less clutter, less forgetfulness, less rushing, & less stress.

You will start to feel calmer, self-assured, and be able to restore the dignity you started out with when you became a grown-up, and you will start to feel more confident in your abilities to stay on top of everything, too. 

Then, instead of being criticized and judged by others, you’ll be complimented and admired for your efforts.

One of my Tidy Tutor students, Marianne, found Tip#2 DO It Now! to be the best tip for her, and it helped her the most on her journey to becoming more tidy, organized, and on top of life.

Thanks for sticking with me this long… click on the link below to learn how you too can turn your procrastination into action, and get things done with less stress, less chaos, and more admirable confidence and composure.

Tip#2 Do it now!

Much Love To You!

Kathy 🙂