12 Week Coaching Terms and Conditions

12 weeks of one on one coaching with Kathy.

We will meet once a week for 12 weeks on zoom at the time designated and agreed upon.

I understand that I must give 24-hour notice to cancel meetings unless there is an emergency. Should a meeting need to be rescheduled advanced notice is required and must be made up in that current week.

There is only a 1-week makeup session allowed, having the meetings proceed for no longer than 13 weeks.

We meet online for up to one hour each week.

The first meeting may be a 2-hour meeting, and I agree to be prepared for that.
Unlimited text and email messages in between meetings are part of the contract, Kathy is not expected to respond on Sundays.

Kathy will respond within 24 hours or sooner to texts or emails.

Should there be a problem or if there is a need we may touch base via phone call mid-week. (Please don’t allow there to be a struggle to persist without reaching out to Kathy)

During coaching calls, it is understood that assignments will be agreed upon. Should there be something I do not feel I can accomplish it is my responsibility to let Kathy know and we will come to a decision together on how to proceed with any assignment or project.

Kathy is not responsible for assignments not completed. It is the client’s responsibility to communicate with Kathy during the 12 weeks they work together.

Should there be anything other than this agreement between me and Kathy it would have been discussed and documented via email.

I understand that this is a 12-week commitment. And failure to show up for appointments does not cancel the agreement.

In the case of a payment plan, the First payment is due upon registration, consecutive payments are automatically withdrawn monthly until the total amount agreed upon is satisfied.