Action Plan to Reach Our Goals

4 Lessons Easy

About this course

A step by step system to unscramble all the things you want to accomplish and put into place a plan to make all your goals a reality. Discover which goals are the most important to you and learn how to put an action plan into place to accomplish them. Learn how to stay motivated and committed, continuing to taking action until your goals are realized.

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Course Structure

Part 1 – Mind Map

  • How to choose what goals you want to set.
  • Connecting the emotional triggers so that you don't quit.
  • Step by Step mind mapping to break down our goal into managable pieces. 
  • An example to follow so you know exactly what to do.
  • Time set aside during this lesson to get the work done. 

Part 2 Putting an Action Plan in Place

  • Getting clear on what we want and why we want it.
  • Plugging all we need to do into our calendar
  • How to deal with distractions
  • The importance of a morning and evening routine. 

Part 3 – How to stay the course!

  • What successful people do
  • How to NOT quit
  • Learn how to change "It's too hard" to "I am so proud of myself!"
  • Who to avoid so you will succeed 

Part 4 – Habits – Change & Time Management

In this lesson we will discuss habits, some pitfalls to watch out for, why it is so hard to change and how to do it anyway and time managemet that works.