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Ensuing Success – Lesson 1

We will only be consistent in doing what we believe is possible, not what we believe is possible for other people, but what we believe is possible for us. We’ve got to create a new identity. Up until now, it has been created for us and we will only do what we identify with. So […]

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Saying No

A must in creating a new life is creating new habits. Our life revolves around the habits we formed. Good or bad. The good news is we have the power to change the bad habits into good ones, and it’s not as difficult as you think it is. We don’t have to stay stuck in […]

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12 Starting Your Day

We are going to talk about getting up a little earlier than you do now. I know we like our sleep, but this new habit is absolutely necessary. I’m asking you to trust me that this is essential in reaching your goal to live an organized life. Get up 1/2 hour before you actually HAVE […]

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Keeping Track of Christmas Gifts

I have a gift checklist with me at all times during this time of year. I would NEVER purchase something without logging it in, NEVER  (and I’m sharing the printable here with you). When I got home from shopping recently, I put the bags under the bed and I remembered that there were a couple […]

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Too Much Stuff?

It’s October and here in the North East of America the weather is changing and changing rapidly. So many things to put away and bring out of storage. If you have summer things still looming about and you are digging through areas of the house to find your boots and sweaters I’m inviting you to […]

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Could it be this simple?

Have you been trying to get your life on track? Do you know in your heart of hearts there is more to life than cleaning up the house, but you know until you do nothing will change? I completely get it! And yes… it really is that simple. Get the house cleaned up, get your life organized and […]

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