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Making the Bedroom a Sanctuary

Last week on Monday I posted a blog that I was moving over to another platform. The Tidy Tutor was going to live under the umbrella of WonderfulHappyYou.Com.  I’m not quite done with it yet, but that isn’t stopping me from moving ahead in that direction. The reason for changing to this new umbrella “Wonderful […]

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The Glass Slipper

We have already agreed that getting it together is not about the mess… It’s about living the life we know that we could have and should have… the life we dream of living. If we can approach our “disorder” with this motivation… not just to get the house cleaned up so that we can have friends […]

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4 Three Questions

I know it isn’t about the mess in your home, it’s about what you can do with your life when you get it together, when the mess is no longer an issue. After helping 100s of women just like me for all these years, it’s become very clear that it is not just a clean […]

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Declutter Day Live Help

I am having a Declutter Day / Getting Stuff Done Live, online meeting tomorrow that I would like you to participate in. It is a day where you will actually DO the things you’ve been wanting to do, but haven’t been doing with me! We connect with others who will be online too, in a […]

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2 How to Get Things Done

In this video I share a solution to those days that get away from you. Those days where you ask yourself… “I wanted to do so many things today, and I had the time, why couldn’t I get anything done?” At the same time the help I offer in this blog will also help you […]

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