Good Intentions Gone Bad!

The title of this post is “Good Intentions Gone Bad!” That was the story I lived for many years as an OCP (Organizationally Challenged Person) I know you know what I mean, we have all good intentions of making that gift, or finishing that project or sending that card but because of our “disorder” only […]

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It’s not just about the holidays

Pam Young and I will be presenting a live webinar sharing our combined experience on how to have the holidays be a wonderful time regardless of the budget or the condition the house is in. We got together recently talking about our event and I share a video with snippets of our chat together. Both […]

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How to Love the Holidays again!

When I got married I thought I would be the perfect homemaker. I envisioned the white picket fence, my husband coming home from work happy to see me and all ready to sit down to a hot meal I’ve prepared… The children would be happily playing running to see daddy… and me? I’d be getting […]

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