Preparing For Spring!

In the North East it is still cold, there is snow on the ground but it is melting! I’m doing some videos so that we will be prepared for the change in season. Here is one thing we can do that will prepare us. When you are washing clothes, when clothes are either going in the […]

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2 Spring Has Sprung!

It was spring a few days ago and I started to do some “prepare for Spring Videos”. Here is the first one, look for a series of preparing for spring videos in your mail box. If you are not hooked up with me via email get your name and email in so that you won’t […]

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Today On Facebook Day 1

Lyra: A few weeks ago I was in Boston and unexpectedly couldn’t make it home. My neighbor agreed to take care of my animals. So they wouldn’t be stressed by not sleeping at home, she spent the night at my house. WHAT? SHE SPENT THE NIGHT AT MY HOUSE? That was my initial reaction. This […]

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