How to Keep a Room Clean and Tidy

Last time on The Tidy Tutor… I shared a video/blog on “How to Tackle an Overwhelming Task” I specifically spoke about those things that have been looming in our homes, that we think will take too much time so we never start on them and our warped perception of time that is the culprit. We […]

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How to Tackle an Overwhelming Task

This blog was inspired by Rose, one of my members inside my Tidy Tutor Insider world, she posted what I have quoted below… “It still amazes me how we OC [Organizationally Challenged] people perceive time. There was a task I wanted to get done this morning, and I really didn’t want to do it. But, […]

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Simplify life and get happy

Imagine having a solution to a problem delivered to your door every day, and every day you step over it, you ignore it, you don’t believe it is the solution for you, or you don’t believe it will work for you… So, what do you do? You continue to step over it and day after […]

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4 Why is it so hard to finish things?

I was asked this question inside my VIP FB group: “Kathy why is finishing things so hard to do?”  I thought I would share my answer with you… Because the type of personality we have gets tired of things very quickly. We get excited about starting, we like to finish but we don’t like what […]

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When Emergency comes-a-callin

I got a call about 1am from my younger daughter Emily. “Mom, call Katie! I can’t hear you, it’s too loud where I am. This is Alyssa’s phone, mine is dead, i can’t help Katie because I don’t have my car. I can’t hear you. Just call her” I hung up and called Katie. She […]

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When Motivation Isn’t Enough

When I was dutifully going to the gym and had been for quite a while, a friend of mine who couldn’t make herself get there asked me how I got myself motivated to go every day. She asked me to help her find the motivation so that she could to do it for herself. My […]

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Recording of New Year Goal Setting Webinars

If you would like to be a part of this video series CLICK HERE. Please wait a few seconds after you click “Play” the video may take a few moments to begin. Video 1 Recording Video 2 Recording Video 3

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