Getting Organized – Doing it Alone

This is a recording of a live online meeting I had with my Tidy Tutor Peeps. I’m sharing it with you to give you a sneak peek of what goes on after you register to TTU and to share with you what Donna, a recent student wrote me about the video. Here’s what she wrote: […]

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A wedding story, Hoarding and freedom

Marriages begins with absolute high hopes. Rose never believed that hers would end with a divorce, but as so many of us in this generation has experienced it did. And for those of us who have been through a divorce we know the aftermath of it. Our identities were all wrapped up as a couple. […]

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2 Dejunk a Catch-All Closet With me

This is the exact post that has been sent to those who opted in to be a part of a series where we dejunk for 5 days together. We have done my (girlfriend of over 40 years) Tupperware (plastic food storage containers) kitchen cabinet together, under the sink of my cousin’s bathroom sink and today […]

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#3 Dejunking Together – The Catchall Closet

My sister is an Organizationally Gifted person. Every part of her house is ordered… …drawers, cabinets, garage closets, everything. Except for this area in her basement. I always thought that every OGP (Organizationally Gifted Person) had a perfect home. Not only is that not true, but many OGP aren’t actually OG! Take one of my […]

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