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On Starting a New Life

I have begun a blog a while back about my journey. I sold my 4 bedroom home, moved an hour away from my family, doing what I’ve always wanted to do and being afraid in the process. I didn’t continue with the blog because I thought to myself, “Who really cares?” I was even afraid […]

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It Was Scary

I’ve been doing a video series on my experience of moving from my four-bedroom home to a one-bedroom apartment. Downsizing and also just the experience of being alone for the first time in my whole fifty four years of living. The topic today is the emotional side of it. It was really, really difficult. It […]

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My Apartment Tour

This is the video I promised. I am giving a tour of my apartment. There are many things I wanted to talk about in detail when doing this video, but I realized that it would be best for me to first just give a tour and then do little videos about all that other stuff in the weeks to […]

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2 Change and remain the same

If you are one of my people than it’s very likely that you either are buried underneath a lot of stuff or with my help, you have dug yourself out and are either beginning to live the life of your dreams or you are living the life of your dreams. You and I are kindred […]

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