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If Not Now, When?

Did you know that the number of searches on Google for help to get out of a mess at home, numbers in the MULTI-MILLIONS? Did you know that so many who found meon that search and subscribed to get emails from me (just like you have) took me up on my offer to receive more help from me, and got exactly what […]

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Another Fresh Start

It’s freaking February already! I can’t believe it and I have royally screwed up. In December I announced that there would be a new Tidy Tutor University and promised that it would be open for enrollment on January 1st, I offered you some great freebies in exchange for your name to go on a waiting […]

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2 Clean a Messy Room with Me Series

Last week I started this blog where we clean a messy room together.  I explained that the reason I did it was I had a series on “How to Clean a Messy Room” from a long time ago. One of my children moved out of the nest and left a mess and I didn’t want […]

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