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Our Mom Was a Horder

I read an article titled: “Our Mom was a Hoarder.” by Jennifer O’Neill The article’s main purpose was to help others, “who remain silent in their shame about hoarding or living with a hoarder…” It was written by 2 siblings who grew up in a home that was overrun with clutter and mess and disrepair […]

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Today On Facebook Day 1

Lyra: A few weeks ago I was in Boston and unexpectedly couldn’t make it home. My neighbor agreed to take care of my animals. So they wouldn’t be stressed by not sleeping at home, she spent the night at my house. WHAT? SHE SPENT THE NIGHT AT MY HOUSE? That was my initial reaction. This […]

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The power of daily routines

Joh C Maxwell said… I had just read that quote and thought about how true that statement is… so I did this video just outside the gym to talk to you about it. Us OCP (Organizationally Challenged People) Tend to think that doing a daily routine is boring and rigid and we don’t want any part of that. […]

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