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Teresa L Townsell - Reply

Great video, as always, Kathy! Sentimental stuff . . . oh, I am the “sentimental queen”, and so I was listening closely. You are so right about not feeling regret about something one has gotten rid of. I got rid of some of my childhood “girlie” stuff when it seemed we would only have nephews in the family. Then, a decade later, along came a niece, and things that were (regrettably) gotten rid of either weren’t that important, or I could replace them easily.

About 10 years ago, I was able to go through all my old elementary, junior high and high school keepsakes and reduced it down to papers in one plastic baggie and one dress I sewed in high school. (One item in the baggie is a junior high test on Myths and the Gods. Half the test just shows multiple choice answers, and so it’s not a great thesis, or anything. However, there was only one other girl in all of 7th grade who got 100%, and she was “the smartest girls in 7th grade”. (I don’t know that I need the paper to remember the feat, but I am swept back 40 years when, every 4-5 years I go through the bag and pull that test out.) I do admit to having many keepsakes of my childhood, or keepsakes from my parents’ or grandmother’s home. Some things, like dishes, that MIGHT mean something to my nephews and niece when they get homes of their own, I’ve been sure to use with them. (My motto “Use it, or lose it.”) Other things, on the other hand, will only mean something to me, or to my siblings, when we look at them in a display cabinet, or I open a box. ( I’ve worked hard get cute boxes to sort and keep these items in, and I’ve found places to keep the boxes. ) I know when I’m gone, those “treasures” will go off to the dump. However, they do mean something to me for right now. I’m a genealogist, and so, for me, sometimes “things” are a way to touch the past.

Even though I’ve shared with you some of how I’ve downsized, and how I use or organize some of my sentimental keepsakes, do I still have too much sentimental stuff? Of course! It’s something to continue to work on. Most of my friends (and I) are your age, and so the “family” needs are reduced, they are downsizing and moving into smaller homes. ALL of them did MAJOR downsizing, and just watching and listening to them gave me a little “freak out” (as did watching you move from your home into that one-room apartment! LOL), but I’d just remind myself just because they were getting rid of stuff didn’t mean I had to . . . but, (of course) I do. However, it’s not the sentimental stuff that bogs me down, it’s the dining room table that gets cluttered for weeks at a time, etc. –but that’s for another day!!

Thanks, again, for all your words of wisdom!

    Kathy Robers - Reply

    Yes, If I was still married, I wouldn’t have sold my house, and I wouldn’t have gotten rid of my dining room set… BUT I would have downsized. I did realize that I was still living like a mommy with small children at home. And I “graduated” LOL

    Thanks for leaving a comment Teresa 🙂

Diane - Reply

Fabulous sharing, Kathy!

    Kathy Robers - Reply

    Thanks so much Diane 🙂

Georgina Harrison - Reply

Hi Kathy and FB Friends,

I have not been in touch for a while , nor have I been keeping my place that tidy.
i got bogged down with school stuff and have just surfaced.
When I went to access this group this morning I got the message that I no longer belong to this group ( or so it seems).
Perhaps I was trying to reach another closed group. That is very possible.

Anyway, just checking in and seeing if I am still a member.

All the best, Georgina

    Kathy Robers - Reply

    Hi Georgiana, I will send you an email 🙂

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