Christmas Crunch Time

I stopped by my sister Maria’s house this morning.

She offered me oatmeal LOL! As you can see in the picture
it had hardened to the point where the spoon was cemented
in it.


There is something all of us OCP (Organizationally Challenged People) have to realize…

This time of year is tough on everyone! BUT the thing is… Maria doesn’t care, as an OGP, she knows it is a small bump in the road where some things just have to be left undone.

Pulling out the refrigerator, vacuuming behind furniture, cleaning the top of the fridge, caring if the oat meal is left out too long…

When we have too much on our plates we panic, when the OGP (Organizationally Gifted People) have too much on their plates, they adjust!

We think that housework is hard, and for us it is, why? Because we don’t have a system, we clean when it needs to be cleaned, OGP clean when it is scheduled. By cleaning when it “Needs” it is already too late! That is when the scraping and the scrubbing and the hours of putting away and digging out come into play.

We work so much harder than the OGP do, and that is because of the
Procrastination. we think, “OH! I can’t do that now! I have to do that
later!” Like putting away laundry for example.

By not putting away laundry here is what happens: Someone needs something
in the basket, so they start digging, clothes become unfolded and then
wrinkled. The basket falls off the bed and turns upside down, now they are
on the floor. The cat comes along and sleeps in them, now they are dirty,
wrinkled and have cat hair on them, we need to re-wash them.

So many things like this happen for us that we live in a mess BUT we work
harder than those who don’t.

This message today is to encourage you to chill out, take it easy on yourself
and follow these simple Tidy Tutor Crunch Time for Christmas Countdown.

1. Do it NOW! Everything you say you need to do, just do it, don’t put it off.
Including: Putting your keys away immediately.
Put your coat, shoes, purse, and wallet away immediately.

2. The Box it up Plan
*Don’t care about anything except for the main living area and the bathroom.
*Get produce boxes (apple Boxes from produce section of grocery store),
box up all clutter in the living room, entrance way, Kitchen and bathroom. (Be sure
to throw away garbage as you go)
*Name the pile and mark the box. Example: Junk by the end table in the Living room.
*Hide the boxes somewhere out of the way, after Christmas set a timer for 15 minutes
open up a box and dejunk those boxes.

3. Bedrooms
*If you want the kids rooms cleaned up watch the video attached and get that in motion.

*Don’t care about your bedroom till after Christmas unless it will not cause you stress to address it.

4. Things to pay attention to:
*Dishes and Laundry (See videos included)

5. Traditions
*Make the holiday your own, what YOU want it to be.
*Will you be having Christmas dinner at home? Do what YOU want. Cold cuts, rolls and soup?
A full formal mean? Have it catered? Cook ahead of time and freeze it? Do what makes YOU happy.
*Think about Christmas eating. Even if you are visiting. Most are home in the morning,
think about what will make it special. Have what you need in the house for breakfast.

6. Wrapping presents
*Wrap as you go
*Make sure you have what you need, wraping paper, gift bags, tape and scissors.
*Keep a running list of what you have, how much it cost and where it is hidden.
*Keep an envelope with all the reciepts from purchases in it.

*This time is going to come and go regardless. Have it come and go with a happy
heart and don’t care about perfection. There is no such thing as perfection!

Take a lesson from my OGS (Organizationally Gifted Sister) and don’t sweat the small stuff.

Anyone who is not part of my course Tidy Tutor University and want to set yourelf up for
an unbelievable new year! Click here and get yourself started with a head start today!

Much Love to you!


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