Merry Christmas Juggling :) & a gift from me

In my world so much is different. May be in yours it is too, and then again, maybe it isn’t.

My Dad dying, my divorce, my kids growing up all makes for a new set of traditions.

Right now, I’m alone, every one is still sleeping, gone are the days of the 5 am Wake up with
the yelling “Santa Clause Came! Wake up! Wake UP!”

Little did they know, I just laid my head down after putting together the 2 wheeler and the

Scroll down to get your Christmas Present from me too!! 🙂

But still, I need to get off the computer. The meat Lazanya is put together, and the vegitarian one has yet to be started!

These people I call my children will have a small cow if I am on the computer when
they wake up and arrive! (I live here 24/7 other days, Christmas I need to be with the fam!)

So, I’ve got to run, Please watch my juggling video! Kate took of me this morning, and also
scroll down to get a present from me 🙂

It is the 10 tips you got when you first signed up for my videos, only in book form with
links, all together.

Click on the image to download your book 🙂

Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays, God Bless you all, I truly Love you!
The Tidy Tutor

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Iva Leslie Floyd - Reply

Merry Christmas!

Elaine Healy McAlister - Reply

your so adorable! lol

Teresa Townsell - Reply

Keep on juggling! What a great metaphor for all you do, and help everyone else do! Merry Christmas, and the most joyous and tidy of new years!

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