This is a new habit to incorporate in your life. It is called “The Do it Now” habit.

Us OCP (Organizationally Challenged People) have a warped perception of time, we think everything is going to take too long and so we say “I’ll do it later,” will the best intentions to get to it!

No matter what any of your spaces look like, no matter how the clutter or mess appears, it is super important to begin the “Do it Now Habit!” anyway.

This will help you incorporate a new more productive way of doing things while you keep the mess at bay.

So while you are working on getting it together and implementing new behaviors the house will remain as is, the mess won’t have any babies or get any worse.

So, even if there is a sink full of dishes, wash the dish you just used.

If the kitchen counter is cluttered and needs to be cleaned and you just made a sandwich, clean up everything you used to make that sandwich.

Put the mayo away, put the bread away, wash the knife you used, toss any garbage associated with it.

When you leave the bathroom after a shower hang up the towel you just used, put away the brush and blow dryer and take the clothes you took off out with you, no matter what kind of a mess your bathroom is in, practice the “Do it Now Habit”.

Watch the video, it is super helpful in understanding what circumstances this “Do it Now” habit incorporates as well as giving motivation needed to actually DO what you’re learning.

Let me know what you think!

The Tidy Tutor

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Andrea Rugland - Reply

Hi Kathy, I’m so glad to be finally starting this program –at New Year’s!–with you and your group! I wasn’t able to jump on board with your group before because finances just wouldn’t permit another monthly expense. These first 5 lessons are just super and seem tailor-made for me as I share some of the same psych issues you’ve mentioned,( i.e. ADD, OCD, mainly) I’ve actually been trying out a number of strategies you’ve presented in your videos, (some of which brought me to tears because of how deeply they resonated with me) for at least a year or two. My efforts have been a bit piecemeal because there’s no one else here to help and the job seems overwhelming at times and a lonely pursuit. At leastI think that’s way. I’d hate to think I was just LAZY!

When I found the lesson about getting to bed, it was already about 2am. (I’ve been an extreme night owl for decades bc of work, school,…) Got to bed about 4:30am with my cup of water close by. Last night I got to bed about 2 hours earlier and got up about 2 hours earlier, so I had a longer day-yay- to get some stuff done, even though I’m so behind on so many things. I want to be a morning bird and I could’ve tried going to bed at 11pm, but I probably would’ve laid there awake for 3-4 hours, so thought I’d try a gradual change…

Been doing better with the do-it-now advice, especially with my kitchen, and also making a point of giving myself some credit for improvements, even when there’s still so much cleaning, clutter and disorder to address.

Last summer found the motivation and drive to fix up my balcony with plants and hanging flower baskets, some pretty pots, some metal art wall decor and a hummingbird feeder. The hummers came to my delight and I enjoyed much time out there while the weather permitted. So I got a small space in my home presentable anyway that I could enjoy, plus had a guest (my daughter joined me out there a couple times with sandwich and beverages.) First time in the eight years I’ve been here that I actually invited someone in socially!

Thank you again for your heartfelt email message response about a year ago, which you may not even remember now. Have to stop here so I can prepare for bed and get stuff together for Sunday at church by 8:30 am. (Should’ve started earlier, I know.)

Thank you again

    Kathy Robers - Reply

    Thanks for the comment, Andrea! I’m so happy your efforts are making a difference and you’ve been able to enjoy part of your home AND with your daughter! How wonderful! Just wait! Things are going to get better and better!

Sue Tipler - Reply

Do it now! Love that. I also remember a video where you said “do it anyway”, a response to “but I’m tired/sick/it’s late/etc. I’ve been doing much better with this, especially with after-dinner dishes. I was really getting into a rhythm, to the point where I was almost compulsive about keeping the counter clean, but I “fell off the wagon”. Last night my husband & son were fixing the trash & recycle bins next to the sink. We would have been in each others’ way so I let the dinner dishes sit; they didn’t finish until almost 10pm which is my bedtime. So at 5pm today they’re still there. But I will NOT let myself go back to thinking I’m a slob! I will forgive myself, do last night’s and tonight’s dishes and move on.
Thanks Kathy!

    Kathy Robers - Reply

    Yes, “Do it anyway” was a version of Nike’s “Just do it” I say, for us… we have to say, “Just do it, Anyway”

    No matter why we think we can’t… It changes it completely and we feel like we can.

    So you left the dishes, today is a new day as Emerson said 🙂 Move on is right. It’s just new habits your forming. We’re not good at something we just begin. Give yourself a break when you trip up, but be firm as well because we have to be our own mommies when we grow up.

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