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How many things do you put off every single day because you are always trying to catch up?
Let me ask you... do you ever catch up? UGH!!!

Imagine experiencing a life at home that is managed easily.
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You can live with less stress and less anxiety and the kind of confidence that would make you feel like June Cleaver, Betty Crocker and the most organized put together friend you've ever l rolled up into one.


You'll feel proud to be exactly who you are... An Organizationally Challenged Person (OCP for short) - showing all those judgey Organizationally Gifted People (OGP for short) in your life that they have always been wrong about you!

Listen, I know what the mess is costing you... and I know it because I am you...BUT!!!!

I found out how to get the house cleaned up, and all of it's moving parts organized in a way that works for people like us...

You might be asking...
What do you mean... "PEOPLE LIKE US" ???

I'm going to let you in on something you probably never knew about yourself. 

You are freaking amazing!

But all that amazingness of you lives on the wrong side of your brain for how society likes things done.

And that has caused a lot of heartache and confusion for us Organizationally Challenged souls. 

Have you ever wondered WHY you didn't "Get" what everyone else seemed to "get"?

Have you ever wondered why, even though you had 6 weeks to do a school project you didn't use the entire 6 weeks like everyone else did?  Wasn't it torture!

Why were we always late?
Why couldn't we ever find our shoes?
Why were we always asked the question, "Why can't you be more like ___________?"

It's time you were set free!

You may have noticed that I use the words "Organizationally Challenged" and "Organizationally Gifted" instead of Disorganized and Organized.

Do you know why?  ...Because it is an unfair way to be described.

No one is dis-musical, and no one is dis-organized.  Being organized is a learned skill, just like music is.

Wouldn't it be ridiculous to get angry with someone because they couldn't play the piano if they had never had lessons?

Getting angry with someone because they don't know how to keep house, be on time for things and complete projects if they've never been instructed  is just as ridiculous!

Don't we all know people who are gifted musically? 

I was one of those people. I played the piano at 4 years old with 2 hands... 

Imagine if the mother of my cousin I grew up with saying to her, "Why can't you be musical like kathy!"

That would be ludicrous right?!

Well, I'm telling you that it is AS ludicrous to say to a child... "Why can't you be more organized like your sister?"

You can get it together FASTER than you ever believed possible!