Tip #3 Laundry

Here is something that is EASY and you will not believe how great it will work!

You will be so happy about how laundry issues will become a thing of the past.

Before bed you are to put a load of laundry in the washing machine and when you first wake up you are to put that load in the dryer.

Then you just go on with your morning. When the clothes are fin- ished drying, you must take the clothes out. They will be wrinkled if you don’t and it will not make you happy!

If you have time to fold them, then fold them, and keep them in the basket till you get home to put them away.

If you do not have time to fold them then take them out of the dryer and lay them flat. This will keep them for being wrinkled when you are ready to fold them.

When you get home you are to fold them AND then put them away.

If you were able to fold them before you left the house then just put them away when you get home.

Now I know it is a challenge putting away clothes because the drawers are stuffed with items that you barely ever ware. Possibly they are filled with last seasons wardrobe.
Do the best you can for now. We will get to de-junking your place soon enough.

The Tidy Tutor

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Terri - Reply

I don’t ever put clothes straight from the washing machine into the tumble dryer. I think that must be an American way of doing things. Hardly anyone in Ireland would dream of doing this. It’s so wasteful of energy. I hang clothes out on the clothes line to dry or if it’s wet I hang them indoors on the clothes horse.

    Kathy Robers - Reply

    Wow, that’s cool Terri. But if your time is more valuable then energy it might not be seen as a waste… I can see how it would really save electricity though! Good tip!

Martha - Reply

I lived in Ireland for 3 years and always hung my laundry out to dry. If it was raining I’d pick another day to do laundry, but living with the sea in sight, the wind was always strong enough to dry my clothes pretty fast, in between the raindrops!.

Sara - Reply

Kathy, I so appreciate that you add in the statement at the end about knowing the drawers are already stuffed with unworn clothes. It shows you really understand what’s going on in reality instead of just giving a picture perfect “fix” to the problem. But I already knew that, of course, you are the best!!

    Kathy Robers - Reply

    Thank you Sara! Yeah, I’ve been in the trenches 🙂 !!

    Kathy Robers - Reply

    Thanks so much Sara! For the comment your kind words and letting me know that you know, that I know that I know you! LOL 🙂

Betty - Reply

The only clothes that I am concerned about being wrinkled are my “wearing clothes” which are clothes I wear to work or out. Coincidentally, these are also the ones that seem to be prone to shrinking short in the dryer, so I always pull them out of the washer and hang them to dry (on hangers) – just on the lip of a door frame. So easy and when dry – they are already hung up. The rest can just hang out till I have the time to fold. Also, if your washer and dryer are outside – like in the garage or a utility room that is not climate controlled – leaving clothes in the washing machine will cause them to sour. It’s best to get them out as soon as you can. I used to have that problem when our washer was in a utility room that was not climate controlled.

    Kathy Robers - Reply

    Hi Betty, I have to disagree, I believe we should care MORE about our appearance when at home and alone than when in public. Not that we would look worse in public, not saying that… But that it is what we do inside our homes that matter most, and sends a message to us subconsciously how we feel about ourselves. Again, I’m not saying, not to dress super comfy at home. But still with dignity, like we matter.

    And about leaving clothes in a washer overnight when not climate controlled. I lived in florida for 4 years, and the entire time my washer was in the garage, no AC and never did I have a problem. It’s not enough time. If clothes get sour or moldy they have been left for longer than 8 hours.

Melly - Reply

Boy, can I relate with going to the laundromat! for the first 25 years of our marriage, we lived in apartments and I made a weekly trip to the laundromat. I was working full time & always did this on my day off so I planned on spending about 2 hours washing, drying, folding, and hanging our clothing. The only advantage was that all the laundry was done and I had a couple of hours to read or catch up on mail.
I am so grateful that we bought a house and now have our own washer & dryer. My mom ingrained in me that you do a load of laundry, fold it, and put it away then & there! Sorry, Mom – I don’t always do that any more!

    Kathy Robers - Reply

    Thanks for the comment Melly. I hear ya! I used to think there was a special place heaven for those who had to go to the laundromat! Your mom was one wise woman 🙂

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