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Flip Flops and Better than a Jewelry box


This is a great tip for organizing flip flops and jewelry. (not in the same space 🙂

Our flip flops can be so hard to find, they are flat and we tend to just kick them
off in the closet or right where we walk in the house in a pile.

And they are hard to retrieve amung all of the other ones. We can find ONE but
the other one is always mixed up with the others.

Even those of us who don’t have lots of winter and fall shoes tend to have LOTS
of flip flops and sandals. They are almost disposable.

I show you how to keep them  together easily, it is a fun little tip and works
for your kids too.

I love how I keep my jewelry without having an expensive jewelry box. Jewelry boxes
don’t fit everything anyway and doesn’t justify the space it uses on the dresser
in my opinion.

Hope you enjoy the video!  Let me know what you think and your ideas.

Much Love

The Tidy Tutor
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Rose Gallant - Reply

Great ideas Cathy. Especially love the basket with all the shoes. I have a beautiful, antique basket that I am going to re-purpose just for my shoes inside my door. Awesome!! <3

Kathleen Cathy Crampton - Reply

I heard about the basket of shoes from Kathy before. It totally works. Love that small box idea. Will definitely use it. Always great ideas, thanks Kathy.

Kathleen Cathy Crampton - Reply

thanks Kathy, me too

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