Have you ever asked God for help with something and just after you did, you were faced with a problem in the exact category you asked for help in?

This has happened to me time and time again, exactly what was challenging me gets in my face and I feel blindsided…

I know the exact thing happens to you too. I’m not special. 🙂

Like when you say: “God, help me lose weight.” Then an unexpected pizza party with your favorite dessert pops up at work.

Or… “Help me earn more money.” Then you break something you now have to repurchase.

Or… “Help me to be more positive.” Then you walk outside to see a parking ticket on your car.

God is not the creator of those issues, He isn’t handpicking events to screw with us.

This is a video I did reading Chapter 1 of James in The Bible. I thought it was applicable to this writing so I’ve included it. It might seem a little weird because I whisper it (experimenting with some ideas I’ve had) but it definitely gets the point and can help clarify some things about what to do when bad things happen.

Here is what happens: When we ask for help we open up a portal to start the flow of help coming to us.

Until we’ve dealt with the things that are OUR own personal brand of sabotage and exercise that muscle for change to begin, the things that trip us up will always be a weakness.

We’ve got to have the opportunity to exercise, to practice, so, we ask for help, the universe that God has designed will deliver it.

Until we’ve mastered that prob or gotten practiced in addressing the pitfalls of life that are our nemesis we will forever fall victim to its devices.

In the past, we’ve felt like we’re always being sideswiped. When in reality, we’ve stepped into boot camp training for freedom, but we didn’t know it.

When we begin practicing resistance, continue to expect abundance, or remain thankful, even when we’re faced with unfavorable situations and circumstances, we’re doing what God instructs in the book of James. We are “letting patience have its perfect work” and the result? We become “perfect, and entire, wanting nothing.” As it also says in James chapter 1.

No one ever said living the high life was going to be easy, but why do we have to think that hard is bad?

Change your perspective. We can’t change what we want to be changed in our lives if we keep doing the same things.

The chance to do things differently… to get a different result… only comes when the opportunities to do them differently come up… they are placed before us as a result of the plea for help, and it’s our response to the help we’ve asked for that gets us into more trouble or the solution we’ve asked for help with.

Let me know if you declare that you want help with something, how the opportunity to flex your muscles shows up, and how you respond to them!


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Beverly Provost - Reply

Kathy this is very helpful thank you, Beverly

Karen Kelliher Baird - Reply

Excellent video Kathy! Have you ever considered phone consultations? You could be paid via PayPal or another service. I would definitely be interested. I recently moved & find myself back in the same old habits…I listened to one video (literally 10 times) where you spoke of your precious daughter in law, who passed & letting go of ‘things’The analogy re fire is just what I needed to hear, I don’t think I could have ever parted w/some of those ‘things’ had it not been for you! I had to ‘pack’ my life into a Honda HR-V, leaving a 3 bedroom home that had lots of ‘things’ Pls. let me know if you do phone consultations, your videos are awesome, but I’ve noticed you rarely make them anymore, I hope you’re ok & just too busy!

Monica - Reply

Yes!!! It’s like resistance training for our spirit! I asked for more patience with my kids….and wouldn’t you know it, I got pregnant with my 5th and she’s a feisty little thing! My kids have all remarked how much more patient and calm I’ve been since practicing it all the time! LOL My 6th baby (born this past December) has been a happy little soul and is smiling all the time! I think the Universe feels like maybe I learned my lesson! hahaha I love this post, Kathy! Thank you for sharing!!

Jean - Reply

THANK YOU for this! It’s so GOOD. I do like your regular speaking voice better; but this message is really helpful.

Eva - Reply

Thank you so much for this. The timing is absolutely perfect. I believe God has been putting these very thoughts and scripture in my mind and heart recently. Running across this message is a confirmation that this is what he wants me to focus on.
You presented it so beautifully. Thank you so much. I will be listening to it many times.
As someone else commented on the video about letting go of stuff, I would like to say that I have been helped and changed greatly by that one as well
So glad I found your messages.

Lilly from South Jersey also known as Toastmasters - Reply

You mention the exercise and practice.
I think the exercise and practice is the routine that some of us miss. I am trusting practicing the “morning routine”, the “do it now” routine the ‘ultra aware of dishes’ routine to be the help God has sent my way. For me in my home, practicing a routine is new. Not having routines points to the chaos and disorder in my home.
I have a greater peace practicing these and I am expecting more good thing to come. I may not be there yet but I am on my way!
thanks Kathy!
Love Lilly from South Jersey also known as Toastmasters

Nikki M Pogorzelski - Reply

Thank you so much! I am reminded that I should never pray for patience unless I am willing to be tested to prove to myself that I do have patience.

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