There is a lot to adjust to when you begin to get


When you read about her blind dog and how she
was so concerned for him because he had memorized
all of the piles and paths, he might be afraid…

And how she carried her kitty around showing her the
differences that were happening. It made me smile on
the inside and out.

Her revelation about what would happen if there was a
fire and she had to let the fireman in.

“Would I rather condemn my place rather than suffer the embarrassment?”
“Would I be stripped of my normalcy if they saw the truth?”

There has to come a time when we no longer care at all what other
people think of us.

You might say… “That is easier said than done.” And maybe it is.

And may be it isn’t. Make a decision. No one can MAKE us feel a particular
way unless we feel it already. See yourself differently. Like a wonderful
woman who simply has some things to learn and has some bad habits.

When you think about it, we are in good company…

People had bad things to say about almost all of the greats.

Jesus, Gandhi, Martin Luter King and Lincoln are among some who were
different. Marched to a different drum.

We have to put our shoulders back and relax! Be proud of what you do that
is wonderful and turn a blind eye to anyone who doesn’t see anything but
our mess. Screw them.

I love Rhonda for daring to change, any of you who are venturing out
to change your world one item at a time, or 15 minutes at a time, however
you chose to tackle it. I applaud you. If no one in the world knows your
trial… I do. Share your thoughts, share your struggles and triumphs.

Much love!

The Tidy Tutor

Day 2 To Oneness:

Didn’t do much physical housework for myself today.
But my mental tidiness was surely transformed.
As I surely woke up differently.

We had a family meeting last night.
Present were my dog, my cat and I.

My blind dog expressed her concern about the rearranged mess.
She stated she was worried she wouldn’t be able to find her
way around the house as the original blue print in her mind has
now been changed.

I explained to her that things were changing – for the better.
That she will be much happier. She will have more space, and that
I have plans to create a space for her that she will love.
Her own corner, with her blankets, pillows and bones.

As she also lost 90% of her hearing, I whispered the
details of our future.

And she understood.
And she was happy.
And we were one

My cat, the man of the house was equally concerned.
Since he was here since he was 6 months, he didn’t really
know why things were being moved around.

He stated he thought this was the way it is and that he
had plenty of fun going around and under things.

I picked him up and took him into the kitchen.
I showed him the cupboards and the stove, the sink.
I said to him, “See, things are changing. And I am very happy.”

I asked him to guide his sister (the dog) around for a while
until things settle in.

He said he would.

I also asked him if he could please just evict any unwanted guests
(mice) to leave before I get to their areas.

He said he would be glad to.

And so the meeting ended.
And our family was one.
We were going to do this together.
And I was very happy.

Today, Day Two, I spent helping friends who suffered a fire.
I looked around their house with scattered items.
And I saw half a dozen other friends come to their aid.
Wiping soot, cleaning the floor, cutting out burned wood.

And I wondered, if I had a fire, how would it be if my
friends came and helped me?

Could I get away with pretending the mess was caused by a fire?
Would they believe it?
Would I rather condemn my place rather than suffer the embarrassment?
Would I be stripped of my normalcy if they saw the truth?

Then I was grateful.
I was grateful for not ever having to suffer a fire.
And I was grateful to be able to help my friends.
And that I also was being helped by Kathy.
Because I have been consumed by the fire of contentment.
And I am in the first stages of restoration mode.

I see this Oneness Journey in 3 steps:
1. Restoration
2. Renovation
3. Exclamation

This first phase of restoration is where I am able to restore myself
to seeing things as it is – a mess is a mess is a mess.

A very good day in deed.

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Katherine Rizzo Roberts - Reply

At the time of this writing I can’t put the before and after pictures one on top of each other. I am not a tech diva, I am a self educated psudo geek for the sold purpose of getting this information to you. I don’t have a web designer, I have a dear friend who helps me to learn what to do when I can. But I can comment that I am thrilled with the after! YOU GO RHONDA! Love it, and loved your journal post.

    Nathalie Doremieux - Reply

    kathy, put a right after your first image that will force it to go to the next line and the 2nd image will be below the first image.

    Katherine Rizzo Roberts - Reply

    Thank you sooooooo much Nathalie 🙂 we are a wonderful group aren’t we?! So willing to help each other xxoo

Nathalie Doremieux - Reply

Great post Rhonda, thanks for sharing your journey….

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