OK... The time we are in right now is like none other. None of us have experienced anything like this before. 

Since so many of us are at home now I want to support you and help in any way I can.

I've created this page where I have placed videos that you can binge watch, or watch whenever you like. You can choose according to what you need when looking at the titles as well.

Look for the ​LINK below, where you can sign up for my next free live webinars workshop, "Creating a Daily Routine"

The importance of doing things on schedule & how sticking to a daily routine changes everything.

What to do when life throws a curve ball. A way to win when life get's tricky. 

How to manage when you are home and everyone else is too.

Saying no without a sense of responsibility for a person's response

Our clothes, decluttering them and freeing up more than just space in our closets.

Self care in Relation to Dejunking, Housework and Life.
(Pretty powerful, don't brush past this)

Crisis Cleaning 101

More to come!

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The videos that are on this page are part of the support that Kathy offers along with enrollment in Tidy Tutor University.  She is working on getting a coupon code with a discount for anyone who wants to enroll during these uncertain times. Please come back soon to find the link, available soon.

Thank you and LOVE the program.  I have successful gotten my entire home to be tidy, decluttered and so relaxing to family and friends.  Really life changing! The program is phenomenal and really  does work!

Susan MacNeil 

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