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Toss It Out Tuesday- Bedding and Linens

Today for “Toss It Out Tuesday,” how about we take a look at our bedding? How long has it been since you’ve freshened up the bedding at home? Maybe you’re someone who buys a new comforter and keeps the old one, shoved in the basement, attic or closet never to be seen again. Let’s take […]

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How to Keep a Room Clean and Tidy

Last time on The Tidy Tutor… I shared a video/blog on “How to Tackle an Overwhelming Task” I specifically spoke about those things that have been looming in our homes, that we think will take too much time so we never start on them and our warped perception of time that is the culprit. We […]

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My Spring declutter Promise and my vulnerability

I did this video to kinda apologize… I promised a regular video blog but I kinda dropped the ball. I didn’t keep it going cause I didn’t like how I looked in any of the videos I tried to do. I won’t write any more. I’ll let the video speak for itself. Love, Kathy The […]

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2 Spring Has Sprung!

It was spring a few days ago and I started to do some “prepare for Spring Videos”. Here is the first one, look for a series of preparing for spring videos in your mail box. If you are not hooked up with me via email get your name and email in so that you won’t […]

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Room Cleaning 101

I used to be so overwhelmed with housework, especially when a room was a real mess. To avoid going to bed with a pint of Hagendaz and a spoon, setting a goal to get the house cleaned up needed to be done specifically. We can’t just say “My Goal is to have a clean kitchen.” […]

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Finally! Getting Organized

This is NOT a SHELF HELP program! You OWN the digital online video course Tidy Tutor University You can watch it as many times as you like, this year, next year, in 20 years… (you can sample session one right now!) AND you get me! I don’t just throw you to the wolves and say, […]

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