TIOT – What Does Hollywood Freaking Know?

I know that we want change, we want the house cleaned up and our
lives straightened out. We want time to get our dreams off the
ground and we know that it has to start with a decent living
space, a space where we can think, a space where we can feel

So… we get cleaning… But something happens. That is psychological.

All kinds of things begin to start swirling around in our heads
when we begin change.

For this “Throw it out Thursday” I am touching on one of those things.

Like what if you are just beginning to get organized, but you feel
you are no longer the right age for what you wanted to do when
you grew up? Would a “Why bother!” creep in there?

In this audio I talk about how that is BU!!S@%T. There really
are no limits to what you can do and when.

Those limits have been imposed by hollywood and are not real life.

Now with Youtube and shows like American Idol, we find out that
the public doesn’t care if you are beautiful or skinny.

If you have something to share, if you have a talent people will
listen AND thew will LOVE YOU!

Here is one example: Susan Boyle

If you recall she was on England’s version of American Idol called
“Britain’s Got Talent” in 2009. When she walked out on the stage,
the judges laughed at her, the crowd snickered, but when she opened
her mouth and sang, you could hear a pin drop.
No one cared any longer that she was not what hollywood has been
portraying as the talented and worth paying attention too, no one
cared that she didn’t fit the stereotype. They just listened and
loved it and when it was over they stood and applauded.

We need to break ourselves out of our own minds sometimes, because
many times the thoughts that we think are not thoughts of our own.
They have been put there by repetitive commercializing.

Have you ever noticed that Beautiful women like Audry Meadows were teamed up with very large men such as Jacky Gleason (from the honeymooners)

and very young women were matched up with very much older men such as Cary Grant and Audry Hepburn in South by Southwest. Now as a disclaimer, I think Carry Grant is one of the most handsome men I ever laid eyes on, but lets face it, he could have been her grandfather.

The reason for that was there were all old, Fat men in charge of the
studios and casting. Why in God’s name would we ever give any
credence to the snake oil they were peddling?!

It is time to think for ourselves and take the limits off. It is time
to throw away misconseptions and the words “I CAN’T!”

I’m telling you, yes you can! The sky is the limit, and your own beliefs.



My father was 50 when I was born, he died at 85. He played the piano,
and I think beautifully, but not how he wanted to play. He really
dreamed of reading music and playing as a professional would.  If he
took piano lessons at 50, he would certainly have died an accomplished
piano player, and he would have enjoyed playing for years and years
and years.

Being 50 is no reason not to do something, being any age isn’t,
there is no good reason for NOT doing something.

I hope you enjoy the audio and I hope you take off the shackles of
other peoples beliefs and go for whatever you want to go for.

Much Love!



The Tidy Tutor

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Terry Lynn Boyer - Reply

Enlightening. Insightful. Inspiring. Thank you! Love your way of approaching things….

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