Help Getting Organized

You are not alone. You want motivation to get Organized?

In the video I introduce you to an amazing woman who wishes to remain anonymous. We have chosen to call her Rhonda, which, we will find out later, made her very happy to hear.

She is a woman who found me on youtube and signed up for my tips/videos.

Well, as any of you who have signed up for my tips know, I email everyone personally welcoming
them to The Tidy Tutor world, and to just say hi.

She responded with a request for help and we began working together through email. When I
suggested that Rhonda journal she did right away and shot me her journal entry.

And that is what gave rise to this blog post. I was so moved and fell completely in love with her.

We will follow Rhonda’s journey, through her journals, her emails and her photos.

You also can contribute by sharing your triumphs and revelations as you work, side by side with Rhonda,
to conquer what has always conquered you. Clutter.

Please leave a comment of support for Rhonda and share your own story. Come back tomorrow to see the
mess and the progress as well as her wonderful heart and thoughts. You will truly be blessed to be a part of
this. I surely am.

Much Love to you,

The Tidy Tutor

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