What You Appreciate, Appreciates…

Even if your home is a mess, do you have a home? Do you have a place to lay your head at night?

I’ve learned that to improve what we need improved, it has to begin with gratitude for what we have right now.

I always had a crappy car and constantly cursed it and felt bad about the cars I’ve had.

What did I need to do to get out from behind the wheel of the clunker?

I needed to be thankful for the car I had. To be grateful that I had a way to get from here to there… I needed to bless it and care for it.

So I stopped complaining about the car and I started taking better care of it. I washed it regularly and kept it clean on the inside as if it was a new car, and when I thought to complain I used that as a tickler to be thankful.

I had the same problem with renting. I had 5 kids and I wanted to own a home. So using what I learned, I ordered checks that had beautiful homes on them and every time I wrote a check for the rent, electric, or phone, I thanked God for the home I was living in and that I had a roof over my head and a lovely place to live until MY home came to me.
What we appreciate, appreciates! Can you give thanks for the home you are living in even if it is a mess, and see the possibilities?

Be thankful for the room that the mess is in and that you have a space you can transform and get your creative juices flowing! What can you do with that room when it’s all organized and clean? What can you do with your LIFE when things are organized and you feel in control of your home?

What space (even if it’s a mess) can you appreciate today?