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After facing the challenges of clutter and disorganization myself, I discovered a transformative system that changed not only my home but my entire life. Now, as the founder of  The Tidy Tutor, I’m here to guide overwhelmed women like you to reclaim control of your space and time. With personalized coaching and proven strategies, you’ll conquer clutter, unlock freedom, and embrace a life of peace and fulfillment. 

Hi I’m Kathy Roberts, founder of Tidy Tutor University. Today I live a life filled with order, but it hasn’t always been that way. 

 For the past 10+ years, I’ve helped hundreds of others do what I’ve done, go from chaos and overwhelmed to happy and proud! 

  My mission is to empower the Organizationally Challenged person to take back their life, and achieve the freedom that comes along with living clutter free and confident. Under my direct tutelage and with training tailored to your unique sidetracked soul, I teach a system that is easily implemented and will keep your home tidy and life transformed!

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Our Stuff and Our Journey
Our Stuff and Our Journey

This video was done in 2014 when I was on the road to minimalism... I was thinking with a different mindset… what I noticed about my things when I started experimenting with minimalism. I was really surprised to see how my things held what was almost like a place of...

My identity in my things – Becoming Minimalist
My identity in my things – Becoming Minimalist

This week for Throw it Out Thursday another blast from the past! We are going to continue to talk about minimalism. I'm digging out all the minimalist blogs I've done since I discovered them and this one is from 2017. Let me know what you think! When I first thought...

First time in many, many, many years that I have a Christmas tree up and decorated. And, an actual living room to put it in. Eight and a half months ago, before I joined the TTU, I would never, ever have thought this was possible in my lifetime.

Rose Gallant

TTU was one of the best courses I’ve ever taken to have such immediate and long lasting life changes. Thank you for all you do! I’m defiantly leaning on your resources more during this crazy time.

Chrystal Coleman

I had tried cleaning ladies, but they are a waste of money when things just kept getting burried.  Since starting Tidy Tutor University I have saved hundred’s of dollars and learned a ton about myself.  Am I a groupie- you bet I am! I am better at work, home and even on vacation. 

Susan McNeil

Have to share. Hubby was just on his way out the door when I overheard him say “oh sure just come here instead of me going there. For a moment I panicked and then… I realized I was a mere 10 minutes away from being ready for a visitor. WOW – this NEVER would have happened before Tidy Tutor University.                                           

Jan Anderson