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Keeping Track of Christmas Gifts

I have a gift checklist with me at all times during this time of year. I would NEVER purchase something without logging it in, NEVER  (and I’m sharing the printable here with you). When I got home from shopping recently, I put the bags under the bed and I remembered that there were a couple […]

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Too Much Stuff?

It’s October and here in the North East of America the weather is changing and changing rapidly. So many things to put away and bring out of storage. If you have summer things still looming about and you are digging through areas of the house to find your boots and sweaters I’m inviting you to […]

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Could it be this simple?

Have you been trying to get your life on track? Do you know in your heart of hearts there is more to life than cleaning up the house, but you know until you do nothing will change? I completely get it! And yes… it really is that simple. Get the house cleaned up, get your life organized and […]

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Making the Bedroom a Sanctuary

Last week on Monday I posted a blog that I was moving over to another platform. The Tidy Tutor was going to live under the umbrella of WonderfulHappyYou.Com.  I’m not quite done with it yet, but that isn’t stopping me from moving ahead in that direction. The reason for changing to this new umbrella “Wonderful […]

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The Glass Slipper

We have already agreed that getting it together is not about the mess… It’s about living the life we know that we could have and should have… the life we dream of living. If we can approach our “disorder” with this motivation… not just to get the house cleaned up so that we can have friends […]

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