Join me for this free super easy and life changing challenge.

We are starting this Sunday evening at 9pm EST (New York Time) This is an informal challenge that I really encourage you to participate in. We will continue until Friday Morning the 29th.

It’s a wake up and go to bed challenge.

I have two videos on this page for you to watch. The first one is about creating a bed time routine which will include getting to bed on time and the second one is about getting up every morning 30 minutes earlier than you have to and getting dressed and ready first thing after we get up.

After you watched the videos, pop on over to the Facebook group or post below here on this blog page (if you’re not on Facebook). We will be connecting in both spaces and  I will be going live on zoom and Facebook at the same time. Here is the zoom link  Or pop onto the facebook page.

Let’s get accountable and report our progress. This is super simple and all you have to do is say YES! and then push yourself to do it… Listen… it’s just for 5 days. See if it makes a difference, what do you have to lose?

This is an informal challenge that I really encourage you to participate in. We will officially begin on Sunday evening the 24th and continue on until Friday Morning the 29th.  7am EST every morning and and 9pm EST every evening of the challenge.

Bedtime Routine…

We often feel that there is no time to take care of our needs, and often we don’t see it as all that important. I am telling you that it is vitally important to becoming organized.

Determine a bed time and get yourself ready for bed every night. Literally think about what time that will be and then write it down.

Don’t get yourself ready for bed just before you crash. I want you to begin seeing this as a matter of importance and appointment.

Determine a bed time, Pretend it is at 10pm. Give your self 30 minutes to prepare. Wash your face, moisturize, put on Pajamas (not a ratty t-shirt) get the clothes you took off into the hamper and tell your family that you are going to bed at a specific time so if they need anything from you they have to ask early enough for you to do it for them because at _________ o’clock you’re no longer available.

Waking up on time… 

Get up 1/2 hour before you actually HAVE TO.. If you wake up at 7:00 in the morning and you leave the house at 8, than you wake up at 6:30 now.

If you work from home and your feet hit the floor at 8:00 and you start working at 8:30, you must get up at 7:30 now.

If you are a stay at home parent you need to wake up a half hour before the mainstream of the family.

Another habit to incorporate with this one is to shower, groom and dress before anything.


O.G.Ps (Organizationally Gifted People) wouldn’t even think of not getting themselves to- gether for the day, even if they are staying at home.

Weekends, sleep till you want too, BUT, SHOWER, GROOM, AND DRESS, BEFORE ANYTHING, even on weekends.

Begin to employ these two new habits and you will NOT miss the extra 30 minutes of sleep. I promise. You will thank me for asking you to try this and You’ll be amazed by how things change in your world. Really you will!

Leave a message in the chat below and let me know if you’ll be joining me!