Don’t let this happen to you!

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Let me tell you a story… 📚 I’m going to Florida this morning. The flight ✈️ is scheduled to leave at 11:55am.
It’s 6:45am, I’m dressed, my hair is done, my bed is made and I’m ready 🙋‍♀️ for the day to unfold. I just made coffee, and while sipping I open up my email to see if I had received anything from the airline… 📩 I did.
6 minutes prior an email was sent that my flight was 😳 canceled! I was a bit panicked at first BUT my mindset has always been that if something happens in a way I don’t like, I say to myself, 🤔 “God knows something I don’t know,” and I don’t allow myself to sweat it. 👍
Well, that is all well and good. Its great that I’m not upset, BUT 😳 I DO have to make something happen, and fast. 🧐 In the email they offered possible solutions, and I needed to take the time and check it all out. 👀
Here is the thing. If I wasn’t ready, if I wasn’t leisurely going through my 🌞 morning, if I put things off till the last minute… I would be in super trouble 🤦‍♀️ because I needed to get on the computer, read that email, find out my options and figure out what I was going to do. 🤔
There were various scenarios: A voucher for another flight sometime in the future, ✔️ my money back for that flight, ✔️ and the one that I chose… They provided me with a link where I could book another flight for the same day with a different airline 👍. I’d pay for that flight and they would send me a check for $200, which I would receive in 14 days.
Imagine if I was still the scattered, overwhelmed person from years ago? 😳 Imagine if I was the Kathy that I was before I got it together? 🙋‍♀️ What would this have meant for me? 😭  What would it have done to me? ☹️ I would have been a wreck, 😫 scrambling and stressed beyond any words I could find to describe it!
Think about it… If I had hours of last minute things to take care of, ⏳ and a flight was available from another airline exactly when my original flight was scheduled, I couldn’t have chosen it! ☹️ There would have been no time. ⌛️
The time I set aside for all the last minute to-dos before I left would have been cut into majorly, and I couldn’t have chosen it!
Not only that, but these flights ✈️ were not all the same prices. 💲The one I got was for $125.00, that works, 👍 happy camper here…
…But let me tell you, if I couldn’t choose that one because I wouldn’t have been ready due to an inability to plan effectively, I would have been looking at some pretty steep pricing 😠 and that $200 reimbursement wouldn’t have made a dent. Possibly, ☹️ I would have to cancel my trip.
The disorder we have in our lives doesn’t only steal our time, our money and our pride it steals our peace. 😫 It creates confusion, it creates chaos and it creates lots of regret.🙁
There are so many things that we have no control over in life. A negative diagnosis, a lost job, a canceled flight… 🙄
Doesn’t it make sense to take control of the aspect of our life that offers a floodgate of good and profitable consequences when we do? 🙋‍♀️ What is that? Getting organized! ❤️🏠🎉
No matter how long you’ve been a mess🎢
No matter what you’ve been told about your ‘condition’ ✍
No matter what you believe… 🙆‍♀️
You CAN ✅ get it together! I guarantee it. 💯
My course Tidy Tutor University 🏫 is more than about getting the house cleaned up and decluttered. 😀 Its about getting our lives cleaned up, its about being at the helm of our lives with complete ability 🙋‍♀️ to confront whatever life throws at us and enjoying everything about it at the same time. 🧘‍♀️
I offer a 12 week one-to-one coaching program 👩‍💻 (I have 3 spots left) email me to let me know so we can chat about it. 📞 you can go to my facebook page and message me to if you want.
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  1. Jean

    Thank you for sharing this excellent lesson!

    • Kathy Roberts

      Thanks so much Jean. I appreciate letting me know.

  2. Monica

    I love your saying
    “God knows something I don’t know,”
    I have been trying real hard to let things simple n big go… My plans n definitely family plans NEVER seem to work out.. and ALWAYS on my days when I wake all Gung-ho to get things done- everything goes all haywire n out of wack…
    And I make sure to quickly remind myself that ” everything happens for a reason”
    But your saying is much calmer when I read it so I think I’m gna start using that one.. since they’re both still based off the verse about how God knows the plan he has set before me.
    Can’t wait to share it with my friend who I’ve helped her calm herself alot lately as she has been going through alot of sudden mishaps that have mostly been out of her control. She thanks me daily for that reminder in her head to breathe, calm down and let it go cuz everything happens for a reason, and I tell her we may not ever know the reason and it may not seem like things are going great but like you said
    “God knows something I don’t know,”

    • Kathy Roberts

      Thanks so much, Monica! (So sorry for the late reply, I have to get something fixed to let me know a comment was made!

      I’m so glad that I’ve helped you in that way. Sometimes life happens and we’ve got to go with it… And sometimes we’ve got to see if we’re sabotaging our own efforts. Sometimes getting what we want can be scary and unknowingly we mess things up. “The Big Leap” is a great book explaining this. Anyway… Thanks so much, Monica. I appreciate you.


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