We’re on Day 5 of our Morning and Evening routine Challenge. CLICK HERE FOR DAY 1 –CLICK HERE FOR DAY 2 Click HERE for day 3, CLICK HERE for day 4

Today our focus was on staying on track and keeping up with the commitment to continue with implementing the daily routine. We want this to become a new habit.  The fact that there are so many new year resolutions that drop by the wayside is proof that we need this.

In this day 5 video, I share a way for you to keep track of your commitment, you can print more than one out and use them for any goal you set. You must be part of my email list to get the template to downloads and inside the video I explain how to use the star and heart chart (Pictured below) Please watch the video for all the details.





As you continue to practice your daily routine you’ll see that it will need to be adjusted as you implement it. This is super important, don’t make yourself wrong, just adjust as needed.


  • Up on Time (Right the time)
  • Make bed
  • Drink Water
  • Clothes in Dryer (Set timer)
  • Shower
  • Dress
  • Hair
  • Face
  • Pajamas Away
  • Coffee
  • Put dishes away
  • Make/Eat Breakfast
  • Clean up Breakfast
  • Get clothes out of dryer
  • Put clothes away.


  • Check Calendar
  • Make to do list
  • Put things buy door
  • Make Dinner / Eat
  • Clean up Dinner
  • Dinner dishes done
  • Prepare for Bed
  • Brush Teeth
  • Clothes away or in hamper
  • Wash a load of clothes
  • All dishes done
  • Bed on Time (Write the time).

Remember if you may need to make your morning and evening routines even smaller, that’s ok! Personalize it there is no routine that is too small. Make one up and stick to it. Be sure to leave comments! I will respond. Use this time to get the help you need!

With Love,
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