If you are following me, you probably have heard of Marie Kondo. She’s an organizing guru who became well known after writing her book: “The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying up.”

I read the book, and I agree with many of her principles, but I was really upset by her signature decluttering method. She says to gather up all things by category, all your clothing for example, from everywhere in the house, and put them in one big pile, and declutter it all in one swoop.

This method does work for people who don’t have too much stuff, but for those who live with overwhelm and are constantly losing the battle with clutter, her method to get rid of things we no longer need, want, or use, is an incredibly damaging technique to employ.

In this video I tell why I think her advice on how to de-clutter is the worst thing for those who find themselves with too much stuff, and what to do instead.

Here are some of the Youtube comments I received in response to this video:

“Yes I agree. There is so much work before her method could possibly work….”

“Thank you. I thought this was a very overwhelming way to do it. Like with collecting all books. I don’t even know where all of them are. I would have to spend a lot of time and energy rummaging through crammed closets and boxes of random stuff to dig them all out. This method would not work for me right now… Thank you for this video. I felt like I was the only one who couldn’t make this work.”

“As for Marie Kondo’s method… I agree with you and I think it is useful you made this video as a warning, and it really is not about her. I have always said it, it is not a method for people who have a lot, I mean really a lot, of stuff and are overwhelmed, you totally nailed it. I actually tried once and it made me feel so much worse, put me in a worse mess and got me even more overwhelmed and depressed…”

“Totally agree with you Kathy so it’s a big NO from me…

“I think the Kondo method is ridiculous for people in a mess.”

Please let me know in the comments what you think after you watch the video. 

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