Here is the latest and final Princess Project video from the series. It comes with a free UPDATED workbook which will serve as the blog for the entire series. (If you have the original workbook, go to the email where you received it, click on the link and it will automatically update for you.)

The reason I am not putting the direct link here in the blog is because it is only available to people who have opted to hear from me via email. This helps me to know who is interested in what I’ve got and who isn’t so I don’t spam people.

What I’ve done in this free series for you is taken the 9 videos that are part of this Princess Project Workshop series for my Inner Circle Peeps and condensed it / edited it to make it easily sharable with you. This is to help you see what is happening inside of my Inner Circle Group and to keep us connected 🙂
(NOTE: Scroll below the video is the workbook and the other 3 videos for your convenience)

Click the image to get the FREE UPDATED workbook, or you can CLICK HERE

Video 1 “Unleash Your Inner Princess: Transform Your Space and Your Life”


Video 1 – Declutter Like a Princess!

Video 2 “Joy Sucker Treasure Hunt”

Video 3 – The First Class Life and The Upgrade Plan