Thinking with a different mindset…

This week for Throw it out Thursday I want to go over what I noticed about my things when I started experimenting with minimalism.

I was really surprised to see how my things held what was almost like a place of honor in my life, even more honor than myself.

A while back I came to a decision about my porch. I had a picture of how I wanted it to be, but when I started to move ahead with the plan to transform it, I couldn’t make it happen. The things I had on it were the reason, but honestly, those things didn’t represent who I was anymore…  and that made me think something wasn’t right.

I thought, “I want my home to look like something else, but I can’t have it because of the things that I already own?” and that felt wrong.

When I really thought about it, I saw how my things paved the way for the life I was living, and that they also had the power to keep me stuck.

Now, if you are asking “How can that be?”

I want you to think about it. How we spend our time is how we are living life.

How much time do we spend on our things, buying our things, working to pay for our things, and taking care of our things? A lot!

And what about the things that we choose? Don’t they have a big effect on who we are spending our time with, and what is important to us?

I don’t think it becomes a problem unless we really haven’t chosen the things that we own or we’ve outgrown them, but can’t let them go.

Here is what I mean…

When I was a young mommy, I loved being a mom and it was easy for me, a joy.

So spending time on the life I was living was not unsatisfying.

Now, for me, coming from an Organizationally Challenged person’s perspective, this minimalism concept was a bit skewed.

When you don’t know how to keep house… are always working but getting little done, and most of your days are patch jobs at best, you don’t think about “Do I want this?” or “Is this adding value to my life?” The thinking is more like:  “How the he** can I make it through the day, and why can’t I be like my sister?!”

Before any of us can even consider minimalism, we have to conquer the clutter. But you know what? For us Organizationally Challenged people, I’m telling you that just thinking “minimalism” can really help us let go easier than we have before.

Simply because of a mindset shift.

Think “Authentic Living!”

When you begin to think in terms of “authentic living” and living your purpose, realizing that our things hold a very large chunk of what kind of life we manifest, our THINGS take on a different identity .

They cease to be items that mean something and instead become things that shape us and make us live a particular lifestyle.

If you seriously considered the things that you own as a representation of YOU, wouldn’t it be easier to free yourself of much of them?

And with the plan that we have in Tidy Tutor, the process becomes so much more productive with this kind of realization.

Now let’s say you are living the life you want, but there is clutter everywhere. Your reason for getting rid of things won’t be because they don’t define you, but because having the excess of those things hinders you from living the life you want to live as effectively, as purposely, and as happily as you could be.

Tell me what you are thinking about this. I would love to know.

Much Love to you!

The Tidy Tutor
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