Throw It Out Thursday! – At Katie’s

by | Nov 4, 2021 | Blog | 5 comments

It is Throw Back Throw it Out Thursday!!

Katie is in my book “Finally Organized” in chapter 9 titled FREE AT LAST! (You cacn get it free for a limited time. CLICK HERE)

Some Organizationally Challenged people (like Katie) function just fine with disorder, others (like me) Can’t function at all. Many OCP feel that the mess defines them, and it makes it very difficult to function.

Katie is one of those who are not defined by the mess. She has been on the system that I teach since she was a little girl, and has made it her own.

Everyone has their standards, and her standard is, if it makes her happy she’s fine with it. She calls herself, “Imperfectly perfect.”

If she knows where things are, can have company if you give her a little bit of time, and she can come and go without issue, and that makes her happy.

I think this is a really fun video, I hope you enjoy it.



  1. Joy

    Great video thanks!

    • Kathy Roberts

      Thanks for leaving a comment Joy 🙂 And thanks for your kind words xxoo

    • Kathy Roberts

      Thanks Joy!

  2. Kathy Musca

    Love this Kathy
    Gonna put this on my schedule weekly plan to do ‘Every Thursday ‘.

    • Kathy Roberts

      🙂 It is a fun little thing to do on the regular. Thanks for leaving a comment Kathy xxoo


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