We have one mission:

To help you live

an organized, clutter

free, totally together

life… quickly, easily,

and without stress.

Who we are

Hello! I’m so happy that you are here! This is the home of Tidy Tutor University, a space that recognizes that everyone is not born organized and that living in a mess is not a character flaw. Being organized is a learned skill, just like playing a musical instrument.

Kathy is all about helping you create peace at home, with no stress in the process.  Living in a mess and clutter holds us back, and getting out from under is the answer to finding the success you want in your life. 

No matter if you’re just setting up house or are retired, whether you’ve struggled your entire life with clutter and disorganization and have given up, we’ve got you covered no matter what stage you’re at.


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Hi I’m Kathy Roberts, founder of Tidy Tutor University. Today I live a life filled with order, but it hasn’t always been that way. 

 For the past 10+ years, I’ve helped hundreds of others do what I’ve done, go from chaos and overwhelmed to happy and proud! 

  My mission is to empower the Organizationally Challenged person to take back their life, and achieve the freedom that comes along with living clutter free and confident. Under my direct tutelage and with training tailored to your unique sidetracked soul, I teach a system that is easily implemented and will keep your home tidy and life transformed!

How to get things done when you don’t want to
How to get things done when you don’t want to

Personal note: Technically speaking, it's still the current week. Sunday is part of the week-END, which means it's wrapping up the week. I promised a video/blog each week, and I'm committed to sticking to that. But I want to explain something. While Tidy Tutor is a...

Do You First! #1 way to be more productive every day!
Do You First! #1 way to be more productive every day!

This blog and video is about the number one thing that you could do that is a game changer to live with more time and freedom, but it's gonna feel counter-intuitive. Here's what it is. Are you ready? Do you first! When you wake up, no matter what you've got on your...

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First time in many, many, many years that I have a Christmas tree up and decorated. And, an actual living room to put it in. Eight and a half months ago, before I joined the TTU, I would never, ever have thought this was possible in my lifetime.

Rose Gallant

TTU was one of the best courses I’ve ever taken to have such immediate and long lasting life changes. Thank you for all you do! I’m defiantly leaning on your resources more during this crazy time.

Chrystal Coleman

I had tried cleaning ladies, but they are a waste of money when things just kept getting burried.  Since starting Tidy Tutor University I have saved hundred’s of dollars and learned a ton about myself.  Am I a groupie- you bet I am! I am better at work, home and even on vacation. 

Susan McNeil

Have to share. Hubby was just on his way out the door when I overheard him say “oh sure just come here instead of me going there. For a moment I panicked and then… I realized I was a mere 10 minutes away from being ready for a visitor. WOW – this NEVER would have happened before Tidy Tutor University.                                           

Jan Anderson