About Kathy

The Tidy Tutor

Kathy Roberts believes that no one is dis-organized, just as no one is dis-musical. Just as everyone can learn music, everyone can learn order. She creates life changing tutorials and videos for thousands of viewers and readers. She is a self-professed ‘reformed slob’ who helps others just like her to find order and love themselves just as they are, even if they never pick up a sock or wash a dish.

Can you relate?

I was born a slob, which is not a bad thing. Some people are born organized and some are not. I was not. If you are on this page you probably weren’t either… I always thought there was something wrong with me, there wasn’t. You probably think there is something wrong with you, there isn’t!

Living a disorganized life affected every aspect of my life.

It made me late all the time, I was embarrassed a lot, I felt guilty about my kids not being able to have friends over and lived in a home they could not be proud of.  But the biggest thing (I found out later after I got it together) was that living in a mess stopped me from living life.

I was a prisoner to the mess and clutter all of my dreams little and big were on hold as I was battling the clutter and every day to-dos.

I found out after I got it together that there was so many things I WASN’T doing because the house was a wreck.  I should have known that, because I always said, “As soon as I get my bedroom done I’m going to…”  I’m sure you know what I’m talking about…

“When I get organized I’m going to take guitar lessons,” and, “if only I could manage my life better! I would be able to…” Fill in the freaking blank! UGH!

Well after many years feeling like a failure everything changed for me when I learned how to manage life, home and time… I want to help everything to change for you too!

I am obsessed with helping people get out of messes. get their acts together, understand themselves, love who they are and realize their dreams.. I hope you want to get to know me, becaue I really want to get to know you!

Let me share with you my journey, where it began for me and how I can help you change it all too!