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“If you feel like your apartment or home is holding you back because you stay home to clean or can’t have gatherings at your house because you would have to clean, but you end up spinning your wheels and making a big pile of more mess you need this book! This book will empower you with the know how to get out of your mess. You don’t need to hire a professional organizer, buy any organizing gadgets or spend every weekend for a month cleaning… Reading this book is an investment in your family’s future.” -Michelle

“The Tidy Tutor gets how we tick. As a naturally “scattered” person, I’m telling you it will change your daily life. This isn’t just about keeping your house tidy–it’s also about getting your mom’s birthday card out on time, knowing where your keys are on your way out the door–she helps you organize your home AND your life.” -Lacy

“I love this ebook, I cannot believe that it is free. Everyone should read this. I also enjoy listening to Kathy read. She has a very soothing voice… You could spend alot of money and not get near the value of this book. Order it now while you are thinking about it. There are no catches. You owe it to yourself. You can listen while you are preparing for the holidays. Kathy really cares that you will realize as you listen to her. I am very happy that I ordered it. I always feel better when I listen to Kathy, less frayed and peaceful. I feel good about myself.” -Donna

The free to book is awesome. I see myself on every page. No criticism. Just help. I love it! -Christle

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