I can’t tell you how much of a positive difference you made in my life From my 1st experiences with you!!! The day I found you  literally changed my life!! I am forever grateful for you!  You are truly a gift
Lyra A.

I wanted to say hello and thank you very much for the TTU Masterclass. I’ve completed the first five lessons and they’re exactly what I’ve needed!


The “First 3 Habits” is a game changer for me. Having that mindset with those 3 practices will definitely help me to put down new train tracks. I also find great value in the note cards, reminding me of exactly what I CAN do!

Michele C.

I am going strong. It took all week last week while my daughter was at a music camp and I finished my son’s room/office that had more than 38 years of hoarding to go through but I did it!

I wanted to share this with you because you have been a huge motivator for me! Thank you so much for your ministry:) The Lord is working through you to help me get my life in order. This I truly believe 😌🙏🏼


Maria T.

My son and two grandchildren made an impromptu visit…

This was the first time they visited in 3 or 4 yrs.

Even though it was spontaneous and unplanned, I love the feeling of peace when I could offer them a clean and clutter free guest bedroom/bathroom and a warm home cooked meal when they arrived..

A few years ago I would have panicked and stash/ dash like crazy…

Getting the kitchen remodeled next week, so things are somewhat in disarray, but it’s organized chaos. LoL.

The first night that they arrived and got settled in, my sweet grandson said ” Grandma, I’m so glad you’re not a hoarder”.

I asked him why.  And he said. Most women become hoarders after they lose their husbands…

If only he knew how much I have struggled with the excess in this house. I must be making progress for him to make that observation. It made my heart smile


I want you to know how much you have changed me and my life for the better. Your work has made me feel capable of digging my head out of my a** and behave like the capable person God made me to be.

Whether I am anxious, depressed, delusional, or plain lazy on any given day, it doesn’t matter— I know can still move forward because I’m learning how to do it, and that I can, from you. 


*This is from an email of a student who has taken Tidy Tutor University*

THANK YOU for the myriad of things you taught me and how much you helped to open my eyes!  My life is so much richer because of you.  Love you ❤


Kathy understands what it means to be organizationally challenged. She has helped me to successfully get my house in order, one step at a time. She shares her challenges with real life experiences and coaches/teaches us how to stay focused to complete a task at hand. You eat an elephant, one bite at a time!


I simply cannot thank you enough! Your class COMPLETELY changed MY LIFE. I didn’t know how much I would get out of your online class in terms of the format but let me tell you I got alot done. I worked really hard and got so much done. I also felt like I could keep going after the class due to the results. Nonetheless, the trickle down effect has continued and I have cleaned up SO much more. My husband has been amazed but more importantly so have I. Thank you, thank you thank Kathy!


I like Kathy’s joy and energy as the Tidy Tutor.  By her example, getting our lives and our homes in order can be fun!

The most valuable lesson I learned from Kathy is to put “blinders” on when tackling a project.  This minimizes distractions, keeps me focused, and helps me finish what I started.


Thank you and LOVE the program.  I have successful gotten several areas in my home to be tidy and  so relaxing to family and friends.  Really life changing! The program is phenomenal and really  does work, if you choose to work it!!!


…Today my gratitude for the group and personal connections was abundantly clear. TTU helps me. TTU Insiders support me, lift me up, and give me an opportunity to do the same for others. I will be making an effort to participate more.
Thank you!


Thank you very much Kathy!! Your program has been tremendously helpful!

After years of struggling to keep a clean home and stay organized I couldn’t figure out why I wasn’t able to be consistent.

I’m so thankful that I didn’t stop searching for a solution. Thank you so much for helping me to realize that I’m organizationally challenged and that there is a solution!


​…Over the last six weeks it seems we have had a constant flow of company, some overnight.  It has been some of the easiest and most stress-free occurrences of this nature that we have had….

My husband helped me prepare for a women’s meeting here in our home.  Rather, I should say that he was a big help!  All was ready and welcoming and everything went very well.  When asked if I might offer our home again next year, he said, “Sure!”

I am thrilled with all this and I thank you so much for all your support!!


This was written in September 2018

Since employing TTU principles (since January of this year) I didn’t realize how far I had come until a new friend and her family came over Sat and my friend walked around our main floor looking around then looked at me and said

“You don’t have any clutter! I really admire that!”

I was honest and told her thank-you, I do have a few areas to “ go through” but I like keeping things simple esp in the main area of the house where we are most of the time. She said yes, it’s more peaceful that way.

Clutter free is the new normal around here and I want to thank-you again Kathy for TTU and all your advice!

AND being able to keep tidy while we have an addition  put on our house!

…above our downstairs bathroom sink they were working from above and got wood shavings and dirt all over the counter and in the sink…

even though it was under construction I STILL had to morning swish the counter and mirror!

I totally cleaned out that sink and got the dirt off the counter…and totally thought of you and the TTU family, how I wanted to share that!

It’s officially a habit now. Much love, Curri


 I am completely different person today than I was pre-TTU. 

People who meet me today always make comments like, “Oh wow you’re so organized.” Or they feel insecure about THIER messes (like I used to around people who were tidy) They basically think I am an OG!!!”  (Organizationally Gifted)

…I’ve come a LONG LONG WAY BABY!

I LIVE by my daily routine every single day almost on autopilot. And it’s amazing to realize that I actually am a different person today. I no longer feel or look or live like slob.

My daily routine brings me joy and comfort and happiness and the freedom to LIVE MY LIFE and follow my dreams! Which is pretty freaking awesome. 💛💛


I wanted to keep you posted on my progress. I’m up to session 3 part 5 (in Tidy Tutor University) and loving it… Believe it or not I think your system may save my relationship… Believe it or not I think you’re brilliant and wonderful. What a blessing you are.


I was just bragging on you to my daughter yesterday. I told her you are so involved and hands on!!! She said she’s glad I’m still doing it cuz it’s helping and I told her I signed up for the whole year bc I knew I was serious about it and already been following you on YouTube for about 4 yrs!! I just couldn’t put the pieces together til I joined. One of the best decisions I ever made. ❤️❤️


I just signed up for the Tidy tutor a couple days ago. I mean this as a joke but I feel like saying to you , “Who gave you permission to go inside my head?”  I find it uncanny the way everything you are saying right now is exactly the stance I took without your having said it to me before. I have decided that you are taking care of it for me and then I don’t have to worry about it. And that’s exactly what you said. Wonderful.  
     I’m very excited about this…. Anyways thanks for all of this. You are so on the right track and I feel so lucky that I ran into this. It is so right. You are totally doing the right thing. I feel encouraged when I listen to your videos and that’s not very easy for me sometimes so, thank you.

Lisa S.

New beginnings are often disguised as painful endings.

This is a quote on our calendar this month… Although I read it on the first of the month and have seen it every day since, it has only become clear to me the true meaning of it.

The past couple of weeks has been a challenge for me at home and at work, and I’ve been coming home feeling tired with no motivation to do my evening routine but have pushed through, although not perfect.

Also mid week I felt rough and thought I was coming down with a cold and very tempted to give up TTU but I still pushed through.

So glad I pushed through because I’ve been feeling amazing for a couple of days with so much energy and motivation!

My fiance commented today that I’ve changed (in a positive way) and could he have whatever pills I’ve been taking as he could do with a bit of my energy.

I believe that the small changes I’ve been doing since starting TTU only a couple of weeks ago has started to make a difference although difficult at times.

Thank you so much Kathy for your fantastic course and I’m looking forward now to continue!

Ruth E.

(For my members I do live impromptu videos inside our forum and that is what Curri is referring to)

I look forward to hearing from you like this SO much! It’s like a hug to listen to you…I can’t get enough!! I’m still at the beginning of the course and have learned so much already. And my children are benefitting from it too! Love how you said there are just results…not fail/pass…results to look at and say…ok where do we need to go from here. That’s how we homeschool… no grades, just steady progress ☺️😊 Love you Kathy, thanks for all you do. You’re such a blessing. ❤️


… I am getting my footing slowly,  but surely and securely… I have so many things I want to do and haven’t been able to… this is one of the main reasons I joined TTU I was hoping as I declutter my life I will get clarity and direction. When Kathy said by now I’ve figured out this is not just about decluttering it’s about getting your life together… oh so true. Kathy I have already gotten so much benefit out of joining you I can’t thank you enough!!!! 


Learning that being OCP is nothing to beat myself up over, that I CAN learn the skills I lace…it has only been since I started TTU that I even knew it was still bothering me!! It had been buried in clutter…

I’m trying to see myself in regard to an ordinary home.  So, I have to agree with what Darlene posted that TTU is better than the therapist’s couch!


Kathy is a GIFT and a Divine appointment for me. I should have done ttu when i first found her on you tube! That was maybe 2 yrs ago!   …I’m so hankful fir TTU It is already making such a big difference than me trying to put a bunch of misc hints together. Her system is actually WORKING and i have a lot less stress just knowing i can trust the PROCESS!! 😀


I am grateful beyond words for finding Kathy Roberts and her Tidy Tutor University.

I have been struggling for years & years in trying to get and keep my home decluttered and organized.

After attempting and failing other endless plans and books I’m so thrilled to have finally found the key & saving grace for me & my crazy right brain self with Kathys program!!

This is the most supportive group of people I’ve ever been privileged to be a part of and it’s the best feeling knowing we can be real and open about our REAL lives.

When our home is a mess it affects everything in our life. I’m just so grateful Kathy has been sent my way to help me turn it all around and find peace. I now can give my son better future memories of his moms clutter-free cozy home.

Thank you Kathy, you’re my lifecoach angel! 🙂

Amy F.

I love reading the kind words of support between everyone in our group. I think of us as a team, pulling together. I’m fairly new to FB. I had a page because my daughter and my cousin kept bugging me. It has only been the last couple of months I’ve checked in regularly. I really appreciate the people I’ve met here at TTU. I LOVE the positive, friendly, welcoming, atmosphere. This is so different from meeting in person and hearing the voice tones and eye contact, yet I feel a good vibe here. So, thank you everyone!

Suzanne H.

I made my resolution back in September by signing up for TTU. I enjoy organizing, but now I understand that it’s impossible to organize clutter.

Consequently, decluttering doesn’t feel like a chore anymore – it feels more like a treasure hunt. Thank you Kathy & all of you TT Insiders for the feedback, understanding and support that’s making progress possible for me. Happy New Year! ❤️

Elizabeth W.

Being connected to Kathy has really been a life changing move. I’m about to materialize all the dreams I couldn’t even imagine before I joined her on life’s journey . Purpos , direction, motivation, and setting goals for myself. It’s all happened and is happening now.  Kathy is truely blessed . And so am I to have her as my friend and teacher. Everybody around me knows about her and her influence on me. I’m different than what I was . I’m better than I was. XXOO


I just can’t thank you enough, Kathy.  You’ve seriously changed my life. And to think, it all started because I was drowning in my mess and searched “cleaning motivation” on YouTube. I found you and the rest is history. 🙂

Jennifer T.

Still a beginner here, I have just listened to my first-ever Cawfee Tawk recording–the one on ‘Goalsetting–finding the WHY and keeping it.’  Honestly, I feel some sort of divine inspiration led me here!

This is SO on my wavelength and so needed… Thanks be to God I found TTU and thank you all for this group! Kathy I really did laugh right out loud when you demonstrated what to say to yourself when you need to ‘be your own mommy’ ​… It is a great relief to find something which gives me hope that I can get unstuck….

Jo H.

Just wanted to share how big a difference ‘Do it Now’ is making in my life… I find myself actually picking up the item as I pass by it or doing a quick swipe or sweep when my eye catches sight of something that needs doing.

It’s amazing the shift in my mindset & the difference it’s making in our home.  For example I might see that the bathroom floor has dust/hairs accumulated along the baseboard or around the toilet bottom & instead of doing NOTHING & telling myself that I need to come up with a system/routine to take care of it, NOW I tear off a piece of toilet paper & quickly swipe an area.

It only takes a few seconds & even though it’s not a huge difference in that one single swipe, it adds up over days. I find myself picking up items as I walk by & giving cabinets & sinks etc a quick swipe when I notice them & have a spare few seconds.

It seems so simple & automatic – yet in the past I didn’t do the ridiculously small actions because I was looking at the whole BIG picture of ALL that needs doing… Things like seeing a container in the fridge with food that needs trashing – my old way was to see it & think ‘I need to make a schedule of when I’m gonna empty fridge of old foods each week’ but now I JUST pick it up, dump it out & put container in dishwasher!

Of course if it’s something that takes longer than a few seconds I don’t act on it, but it sure is amazing what a few seconds here & there ‘as you go’ adds up to!

Donna F.

Great Cawfee Tawk tonight (UK time)… Some emotional stuff hit home….. How we go through such emotional pain but from it we really do blossom…. A few months ago I was in so much pain I couldn’t believe that I could possibly not die with it…. How can someone still survive this….. But I did and now I’m in the best possible position… I have a wonderful life… I lost myself for so many years…. I actually feel re born​… Kathy and the Tidy tutor have been my main focus. Something that gives me control over my life… And the whole realization that I’m not alone xxx


The combination of Kathy’s get organized course and the support she’s created with the membership and her personalized help made this a true success story for me. I never imagined I would get so much value and help when I enrolled.


Hi Friends, I am having to empty and sell my dad’s house- he has lived there 50 years and mom was a collector and dad saved every bank book, receipt, box, tool.

I have been with Kathy for over 2 years and would not be able to manage with out the lessons and support from TTU. I am able to get things going and see results. I am still overwhelmed but not feeling or acting like a victim!


I actually had company over for dinner tonight… My brother, his girlfriend, her child, my daughter, and my nephew. It was a nice dinner. Dishes were all washed and most dried immediately after dinner. Table, stove, and counter cleaned. Leftovers put away. Load of laundry in the washer. Stuff I need for tomorrow by the front door. I feel good. Good night, TTU Family!


I’m a beginner at TTU….I have reaped so many benefits.

I wanted to share another reason why I’m so grateful for TTU and Kathys discipline in making this business a success in her desire to sincerely help others like myself. 

Yesterday I woke up at my designated “morning routine” time. I put clothes in dryer, had something small to eat, got ready, groomed, put away my dishes planed for tomorrow and was just about ready to finish my routine when I got a knock on my door. It was my husband and he had been in a bad car accident. He was really shook up and Thank God he is sane, in one piece and alive!
The car spun out of control on the freeway. It was raining and he hit a concrete wall and totaled the car. 

Normally this sort of thing would have given my a panic and anxiety attack especially in a crazy house but I was able to handel this like an adult. We felt so comfortable sitting on my decluttered couch talking about the accident and praying together. I was able to go into my kitchen that had been picked up and had dishes put away and make a big breakfast for he and I. Lastly I had already gotten ready in the morning and was ready to run around with him and help him accomplish some of the legal “paperwork” for this incident. I was ready. 

I’m so so greatful I woke up on time yesterday and took this course to have established a morning routine. It really kept me sane❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️💕
Though morning routines and night routines are hardest for me I see there vital importance. 

Kathy you’ll never know how greatful I am for you. Thank you.


I joined TTU to get my home in order. What I’ve got is so much more. Can’t put a price on that.


First off I feel like Kathy is talking straight to me…”  Kathy did you wire tap my house?! You are so on point with the mess that is my life… literally  😂 😂 😂

I never thought signing up for TTU would be more then just for cleaning, but really for my wellbeing in all aspects of life.”

Elizabeth G.

Hi Kathy! Just wanted to let you know that your videos have truly changed my life. I began the de-cluttering process a year and a half ago and with money made after 3 yard sales and countless trips to Goodwill, I was able to re-do my living room with new furniture and accents. It looks so nice and I take pride in it and keep it clean.


Thank you Kathy, I could not and would not be where I am without you and this group. You have helped change my life for the better <3


You are my hero! TTU is Amazing! I have struggled all my life with trying to be organized. It’s so funny, my sister just said to me, “I always thought you were so organized.” My answer was, “I fooled a lot of people.”

…I love your Jersey/New York accent. I love the way you are a real, down-to earth, honest person who has gone through the same things and struggled with the same things as I have.

You have already changed my life.

To me it is a minor miracle that I don’t ever have to worry again about my bathroom being “company ready” because of the bathroom swish I do every morning. I can just relax when an unexpected visitor asks to use the restroom and know that it is clean and sparkling. That really is a big thing for me.

Linda W.

Hey Kathy, I just wanted to let you know that I love your coarse. It seems to be working great for me. Over the last year and half I have been decluttering my home. All I have left is one closet and my storage area.:((.I needed your coarse to help keep me focused on my daily routines and habits, and it seems to be working pretty darn good. I think you have a great coarse and believe me I have taken other courses and I just wasn’t satisfied with them. I also did Flylady and just couldn’t get it to click. Lost interest really quick. So keep up the good work. Have a great day!! Rita


Previously, I had gone through your course… and it changed my world. I am constantly amazed that what was once impossible for me (have my house straightened, laundry done, beds made…) is now part of my routine. HOOOORAY! … just know that I really do appreciate what you have shared and your passion to reach out to turn the light on for others to follow.

Kathy C.

Okay, so I can’t tell you when the last time was when I actually invited people over to my house for dinner. I usually go to other people’s house and just bring the food to them because I never felt comfortable in my own space because of all my clutter… I had two of my siblings over who each brought their boyfriend and girlfriend, her son, and my nephew. We enjoyed each other’s company. Dishes were done immediately. After they all went home, I kept walking through the dining room and into the kitchen in disbelief that everything was clean, put up, with no sign that a dinner party had taken place just hours before. What a great feeling! I feel so free! Thank you, Kathy, for your Tidy Tutor University Course…


I’m feeling very emotional today. I spent the night at my sisters house trying to help her get organized… I left feeling sad… wishing I could do more. Her home is just like mine was before TTU, it was like looking in a mirror.

I’ve come to understand that getting organized is so much more than a physical transformation. For me it is a spiritual journey that has changed me so profoundly I will never be the same woman I was before.


Training for my second marathon at age 54. So I have to Run at 5:00 am so I’m home in time to get ready for work.

TTU taught me to think about tomorrow. So…

running clothes are laid out the night before, thank you TTU.

Work outfit is on a hanger.

My school stuff is in a bag by the front door.

Coffee is set in timer .

Dishes are drying on counter from night before.

Thank you TTU!

Planner is packed in bag, post it notes next to bed in case I think of something at night .

Thank you TTU!

My drawers are now closed.. no slammed shins at 4:45 am when I wake up anymore.

Thank you TTU!


I had the easiest Thanksgiving set up and clean up EVER!!! I knew which apple box had my table decorations in it, so I got them out and put them away just like that! I also washed dishes as I went, so even the pans were easy to clean up. We had a wonderful and tidy Thanksgiving. Thank you Kathy Rizzo Roberts for TTU


Hi Tidy People, taking a moment to brag on the system. Expecting company and completed my morning routine and did a few extra loads of laundry this morning. Never any shortage of that ’round here. When I was done, I felt so odd. Shouldn’t I have been in a lather to get things straight? There was nothing that “needed” doing! So, I did a once over and am headed to the store for some snacks for company And lunch with my husband…


…TTU came into my life when I was ready to dig deep. … I’ve said it before – TTU is bigger than clutter … thank goodness! Kathy, thank you!


Hello done my morning routine today is my once over day I’m so proud I got my bedroom finished yesterday and now I have to work on my bathroom it is so awesome be able to get up and get things done and then have time to do things I want to do. I would have loved to have this when my kids were small. Thank you Kathy for sharing all this so we can be free.


So many ways my life has been impacted by TTU. If I had to quickly sum up the most valuable thing I’ve gotten, I’d have to say that even when my house has a little crazy going on I don’t tell myself “here I go again” or “if only I could be more OG”. I know in my bones that I’m in control. I no longer question whether or not I can make big things happen in my life. Nobody can take away or un-teach me what I’ve learned from Kathy Roberts!


Hey Kathy, I just wanted to let you know that I love your course. It seems to be working great for me… All I have left is one closet and my storage area… I think you have a great coarse and believe me I have taken other courses and I just wasn’t satisfied with them. I also did Flylady and just couldn’t get it to click. Lost interest really quick. So keep up the good work. Have a great day!! Rita


Since watching your informational godsends, I have done the following: 1. Found my wedding ring (lost 18 years ago…1 karat diamond)… 2. Filled up a donation van with furniture not loved …. not needed. 3. Started playing the piano again… 4. I now have a small list of “want to dos” before I go to bed and when I get up in the morning. I’ve had to train my husband to cooperate with new “house rules.” He sees how happy I am and is now cooperating most of the time… I have been using the tidying techniques in my classroom and in fact, was able to watch one of your periscopes on sheets while doing so! I was able to message during that episode. Teachers need to go through their “stuff” every month or we begin to look like hoarders. I feel, Kathy, I have taken back my house and home and it is feeling like my castle. I go home and feel relaxed and inspired to keep it neat and tidy and the reward is a sigh of relief and comfort. Thank you.


Spending my time on what’s important today. Helping William plant his own garden! Before Tidy Tutor, I would be spending my day off putting away this week’s workshops. Thank you for giving me back some of my life, Katherine Rizzo Roberts!


I worked full time last year and am getting ready to start again any day, I will also be in the middle of a move within the next month, and trying to renovate 2 homes at the same time (something I do myself mostly)…I was working 7 days a week at the end of my time last year, 8-10 hours a day. I had only started TTU in November 2014, so I’d not gotten my home totally dejunked yet. Today it is 90% dejunked. It will be 100% after the move…


So I’m complaining to my husband that I’m tired after he and I moved an enormous bookcase from our second floor out to the street and he says, “Tidy Tutor students don’t whine, they roll up their sleeves.” Oh no, I’ve created a monster!


Kathy I only saw the YouTube video initially and I decided there and then I wanted to join up for TTU. What I learned in that first encounter of your method has stayed with me to the present day. It was an epiphany for me. You get us at our very essence.


I have been a member for over 6 months now… I am so so grateful for you and your heart to serve. You have helped me tremendously. Although my husband does not take the course, he is completely on board with the zone plan and we have our kids help too… I no longer feel overwhelmed… My family seems less frustrated because I have a plan. People can stop by and I’m not mortified with how my house looks…I know that only good things are to come! PS- This has also helped my daughter. She wanted her own page in binder that she can use for cleaning her bedroom. I made her one… I do not have to repeat myself [to her] and get frustrated! Keep doing what you’re doing because God has given you this gift for a reason!


First time in many, many, many years that I have a Christmas tree up and decorated. And, an actual living room to put it in. Eight and a half months ago, before I joined the TTU, I would never, ever have thought this was possible in my lifetime.


I just finished an amazing two months of art excitement. I am pretty sure that I never could have been ready for trying brave new things if it hadn’t been for Tidy Tutor and all the morning routines and the schedule stuff, plus studio and office organization in the moths prior to. Best part is, I am coming out of it relatively organized. It will not take me months to put all the detritus of art projects and events away, because I did it a little at a time as I went. I was able to work on a professional show with my husband; something that is at the core of our relationship, but that I had thought we could never be organized enough to do again once we became parents. This was the biggest gift! So happy, so thankful, Katherine Rizzo Roberts!


Hi Kathy, I’m one of the tidy tutor insiders I joined a week or two ago – its going great! I cant believe how my life has changed!


*Note from me: Valerie enrolled in Tidy Tutor University 4 weeks prior – Life can change, you can change it, let me help you!*

Did morning routine -bible study, pray , put away dishes and laundry, chemicals in pool, made lunch, left instructions for sitter and girls. Planned dinner and evening tasks. Now off to work. Have a tidy day peeps!!


I am so thankful for what this program has done for my life and the fact that today my house is fairly clean so I don’t have to work my fingers to the bones and not feel like I’ve accomplished absolutely nothing.


…Kathy should win a nobel peace price for all the peace she grant us in our formerly chaotic lives.


So, it’s been almost two weeks since I joined TTU and I must say life in my house is getting easier. I joined TTU out of desperation. My husband and I had one of our “usual” fights about how the kids didn’t need to clean cause they are kids…so out of desperation I reached out to Katherine and thank GOD I did.


My veggie garden at the southeast corner of my place. I would never, EVER had planted it if I had not joined the Tidy Tutor University… There was no way I would have ever gotten organized enough “inside” my house to even consider planting a veggie garden “outside”… I will have enough tomatoes and peppers to be able to bottle them for the winter 🙂 Feeling very happy and pleased with myself !!


I’m lovin every idea,method,instruction you suggest, saved my life, Ive been in the process of doing this for months but was very overwhelmed without direction and sense, now Im on my way to unclutter,free life. Thank you


My middle boy graduates today and I don’t have to hide!! He once told me he was sooo embarrassed by his house my heart broke!! Now he tells me everyday that he’s happy his friends can come over!!!


Just got home from my trip… We got a little cabin in the woods. We went canoeing, zip lining, had a fire, went fishing, and cooked out. The only problem is with lots of outdoors fun comes a lot of mess. I was exhausted just thinking about putting everything away. Usually I would bring it in and it would stay there in bags on the floor until I felt like putting it away. But when I can home to nice clean house something clicked. I put everything away in 45 min and have the laundry in the washer. Now I can rest until it’s time to start my night time routine! Not to mention the peace of mind I will get from not staring at the mess for a week. 45 min was well worth a weeks less with of stress.

(note from Kathy: Amy was considering not taking TTU until after she came home from vacation. What would 2 weeks on a course do before she had to stop for a week? That is what it would do!)


If dieting was as easy as decluttering with Kathy I would be beautiful! But instead, my house is looking great and I am happy, stress free, and have time to be outside…


Thank you Kathy…I am absolutely on my way to minimalism today..and thanks to you and your huge inspiration..its goes so much easier..love my new home..will bring you some picture soon..my basement is almost empty today..HUGS to you..and Thank You!


So many ways my life has been impacted by TTU. If I had to quickly sum up the most valuable thing I’ve gotten, I’d have to say that even when my house has a little crazy going on I don’t tell myself “here I go again” or “if only I could be more OG”. I know in my bones that I’m in control. I no longer question whether or not I can make big things happen in my life. Nobody can take away or un-teach me what I’ve learned from Kathy Roberts!


Thank you Kathy…I am absolutely on my way to minimalism today..and thanks to you and your huge inspiration..its goes so much easier..love my new home..will bring you some picture soon..my basement is almost empty today..HUGS to you..and Thank You!


I had a proud (TTU) moment to share! My son just came up to me and said, “Mooommyyyy, where are my army men?” He hasn’t played with them in forever. I said that either I donated them, or they got packed up in the attic when I did Holiday/Emergency Stash and Dash before Christmas.

Hold on, let me check my list for the attic. Oh, the army men are in Box #1! Down they came in a flash… Yay!


The best kind of teacher, and the most qualified, is one who does not cause shame to their students.” -That is what we have found here.


The classes lasted an hour and it was fun and easy. I did the assignments as directed and really felt a sense that I was in control of my life. I can not believe how things have changed for me. I live in a peaceful house, and I am on top of all of my outside commitments. I just can’t say enough!


Well it has been three days on my new schedule and I love it. I have implemented the daily schedule and it works for me just fine…This class is just what I needed in my life.


Wonderful! Very helpful! Would recommend to everyone I know who needs help with organizing their home. Teacher was great! One of the best instructors I’ve had. She was a riot! Would like to take another class with her.


This course absolutely met my expectations and then some. I got so much out of it that I’m actually using in real life. I highly recommend it. She was great, informative, knowledgeable, above and beyond in being helpful and entertaining. I looked forward to her class and was sad when the 4 weeks were over.


This video really makes me want to change my unorganized ways and really get into the process of actually doing it! thank you so much! These ideas are extremely helpful and great! I love all your helpful tips and can’t wait for more!


Kathy has a generous heart and spirit which is able to coach people to move forward with organizing their life, home, junk room, or office, whatever it is they want help with. She is a pleasure to learn from with a sense of humor as well as a direct style that gets to the heart of the matter without a lot of fluff. She is also one who listens very closely so she is able to make every effort to help her clients see and understand in their own way how to best approach their own challenges. Kathy is a down-to-earth mentor. For anyone who wants to clear the clutter in their life and/or live more freely by getting things done & feeling good about all they can accomplish by following her instruction, I highly recommend taking advantage of Kathy’s expertise. I’ve attended Kathy’s classes and her tips and system have made a long-term change to my habits and in my life.


Amazing! My home is gorgeous now!


I started doing what you said for 2 days now and Oh My God I just love my life now! I did the store thing today, and it just makes your way back home and stuff to do later on 100 times easier I find things super quickly now

Thank you thank you thank you xoxo


…I am a 3rd grade teacher and just got out for the summer. Much of my personal life got put on the back burner this year, and I am now pumped up about getting it all organized. I googled “motivation to clean” and found your clip on youtube. I watched it and got hooked. Each video I could find of yours I watched. Now I already have a clean kitchen! Thank you for posting such motivational videos. Your personality is really fun, and I love that you were not an “OG,” as you say. Thank you for helping me get back on track!


Hi Kathy, I’m so glad that I met you virtually 🙂 You helped me to see myself different already. Today we had first time family dinner… yay! …Laundry tip was very helpful too, i didn’t know why i get my clothes wrinkled ( i used to leave them in the dryer overnight) wow! I am excited… and looking forward for new tips 😉 God bless you


I absolutely love TTU, it is such a great course! Thank you, Kathy! It is probably the best investment in my life that I’ve ever made.


Omg, I love your cawfee tawks, I’ve only been to a couple and I’m realizing now I need to go to more! You are so great at it! Love it!


My name is Uni. I live in Indonesia. I have a more positive image of myself now, after watching your videos. I am not a slob, I am just organizationally challenged.

I’ve been doing the morning and evening routines for one week and my life has changed. I don’t rush again in the morning and I feel better 🙂

Thank you for making and sharing the videos. Tips from you really work well for me.

God Bless You


I really enjoy reading your tips and posts… And I have to say that I loved your tip of having 2 desk days. It really helped get my home office space organized. I also loved your tip on creating a to-do list and placing as item #1, the one item that will make us happy if we complete it first. You have no idea how productive I have been since I have found your page. Keep doing what you’re doing Sister!! It’s working for us fans out there!!


Kathy, I just finished listening to your 10 Tidy Tips. I emailed them to my family… you have some very basic things that as I follow them it makes it all so much easier. Do it NOW! and Do the Dishes! My husband and I are using these simple rules to create more order around us. Thank you.


I really enjoy reading your tips and posts… And I have to say that I loved your tip of having 2 desk days. It really helped get my home office space organized. I also loved your tip on creating a to-do list and placing as item #1, the one item that will make us happy if we complete it first. You have no idea how productive I have been since I have found your page. Keep doing what you’re doing Sister!! It’s working for us fans out there!!


I am sooooo grateful for having stumbled upon you (via Pinterest) late one night. That is what got this ball rolling. My life is forever changed!!!


Thank you for this timely Writing. You have ESP and wisdom. I love what you asked in one of your videos, “would a Princess ( or prince) live like this?” That question has truly transformed my thinking about my house and everything in it-every object and piece of clothing. Thank you. .. I feel so lucky to have found your website and youtubes. Take care. I hope you Can stay cool is this weather.


Each day, it is getting easier to live my life on purpose. Getting organized is proving to be a key to my success. Thanks for all the motivation!


Tearing through the kitchen clutter. AMAZED how fast this is going! I had stuff piled in here for years and years, and thought this would take all week to get through. In reality it took about a half hour. Most of it will be donated to either school or Goodwill. Out it goes!


I told my daughter what I was doing, and she said, “Mom, you sound so organized!” I already know what I am going to wear tomorrow, and everything is ready to go. Kathy, you are a genius! What a difference this makes!


Love you too Kathy!!! You have truly changed my life my world, and my home for the absolute better!!! 🙂


I feel like I have so much more time to move to the next deeper level of trashing-out/organizing. Yay Me! … I’m lovin’ my tidy life! Thanks Kathy!


Kathy. You’ll never know what a difference you’ve made to my whole way of thinking xx thank you


Wanted to keep you posted on my progress.

I’m up to S. 3.5 (in tidy tutor University) and loving it….

Believe it or not I think your system may save my relationship. I think you’re brilliant and wonderful. What a blessing you are. (note from Kathy, OMG that makes me so happy!!!!)


One of my favorite routines I learned from The Tidy Tutor is washing a load a day. This simple action eliminated the dreaded LAUNDRY DAY. So I gained a whole day that used to be wasted doing laundry all day. Then also being overwhelmed by a week’s worth of piles of dirty laundry everywhere. No more bulging laundry hampers and piles of dirty laundry. One simple load each day, easy to put away quickly. Now I don’t even have any laundry on weekends. It’s wonderful and so so easy.


So this morning I found myself quite excited to be able to place the clothes I was going to change into, after my shower, on the counter and not worry about them getting caked in soap, toothpaste, hair gel or whatever else was layered on the surface! The “Bathroom Swish” is my forever friend!


Tomorrow I’m having an old friend over for dinner-my first date since I’ve been divorced! …I NEVER would have considered this before TTU! Yay!!!


I am using a TTU Program Guideline that is helping ENORMOUSLY: It is the standardizing bedtime & getting up. My “brain” feels much more orderly–rather than chaotic & impending doom–WOW! WOW, WOW!… Thank YOU, Kathy!


All I can say is wow, what a difference TTU has made… now, I’m getting understanding and knowledge to deal with all this. Thank you so much…

Thank You Kathy… I feel in control of my life as much as God has given me a brain and body for. No guilt. No condemnation. Just Peace. Thank you


Thanks to your paper organizing system, I just had a bill collector call me for a bill I already paid. The paper work was at my fingertips immediately and I noticed they actually owe me exactly $100.00. I just made the price of my TTU tuition back!!!!!


WOW Your methods do work! Now I wipe up my kitchen everyday in 15 minutes and it stays that way…


Thanks Kathy!! I love your tidy tutor! It has changed me!


I love your program … I’ve read a boat load of organizing books & magazines and nothing has clicked with me like this…

Jennifer C.



I’ve been working on TTU for about a month now and I can’t begin to describe what a difference I already see in our lives. Thank you!!