7 Steps to Stick to a Decutter Project and Finish it!

Robin asked me to do a video on focus and intention: “I notice that I have the best of intentions to organize a room, drawer, etc., and then I start to micro focus on things. So if I see something that needs repair or a deep scrub, I get off track and can spend hours repairing it, fixing it or scrubbing hard water off something so tiny and insignificant, that after a while the whole day is gone! Ugh”

7 Step Video.

Here is the video that goes along with the worksheet. 7 Steps to Stay Focused and Complete a Decluttering Project!

Star and Heart Templates 7 steps included.

This simple formula that helps us to stay faithful to things we want to do. Written instruction is included in the download.

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HI! I’m Kathy and I’m so happy you are in my world!

I believe that no one is dis-organized, just as no one is dis-musical.

Just as everyone can learn music, everyone can learn order. 

I am a self-professed ‘reformed slob’ and discovered that it is nothing to be ashamed of.

I help those just like me to live unapologetically, and get it together in every area of life using a system that works miraculously for their unique personality types. 

I have  5 children, 4 grand children and (reluctantly) live on a farm in New Jersey. 

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