Say No!

OK, right now we are going to discuss saying no. This is very important. You have got to grasp the SAY NO habit to become organized.

Slob stands for: Spontaneous, Light hearted, Optimistic, and Beloved.

The main reason we are beloved is because we say yes to everyone when they want something from us or want to do something with us.

We hate to say no to people. The reason that it is so easy for us to say yes, I believe, is because we don’t have the mindset that doing what we do for our own lives is all that important.

We figure we can always get to whatever has to be done at home… we live there.

Another reason is because we have a warped perception of time.

Some things we think will take so long to finish, so we won’t even start, like a closet, or doing a bunch of dishes that piled up. But things that people ask us to do for them, or with them we say, “Of course I can do that!” and agree to do something that there is absolutely no time for. Because we think we can do it. That is the Optimistic part of our personalities.

Sometimes all we have to do is be aware. Awareness shines light on a subject and with that comes truth. With truth we can see clearly, and when we see clearly we can implement change.

So now you see, it is OK to say no. You will not be overworked, overdrawn, overburdened or overbooked if you take a little time, and think before you say yes!

Consider what you and yours has going on and say no, if the request doesn’t fit! It will feel odd at first, it may even hurt a bit, like you are putting on a pair of shoes that are 2 sizes too small. Please take my word for it that it is a perfectly natural way to feel. Before you know it, a miracle will take place! Those shoes transform to your exact size. They actually begin to feel like really comfortable well work fuzzy slippers!

Many times a request is not to do something FOR someone, but to do something fun with someone. Like an invitation to breakfast or to go to the City or the beach. We like to have fun, it is our nature.

When an organized person tells you that they have to check their calendar you don’t get upset, do you?

That is how you are to respond from now on. “I must check my calendar and I will get back to you.”

I know you like to do what is fun, but remember that being behind the 8 ball is never fun, so the FUN thing, really isn’t fun at all, it is a smoke screen for disaster down the road.

When I began to implement the SAY NO habit in my life I found out who my
friends really were. I used to drop everything to help out. When I began on the journey to order, and began to continuously put family and myself first… something happened.

You may find that some people drop out of your life when you start saying no. When you don’t drop everything as you used to do.

Those who love you, they will stick around and also be so proud of you and
what you are doing. You will get support from some and discouragement from others, if some ‘friends’ fall off the radar, they fall off the radar.

Just keep moving toward your goal.

See your schedule as important, check your calendar before committing to anything, and if it will make life difficult or doesn’t fit, then SAY NO and give someone else a chance to give.