First let’s start with the lesson from Lassie I learned back in 1984.

Timmy asked his Mom (June Lockhart) “Where are the pens?” (I really think it was paper, but in the video I couldn’t remember and I said pens) Anyway…

Mom said, “Why Timmy, the pens are were the pens go.” It was such a revelation to me! REALLY? I was confounded! Holy Crow!

I jumped up and created a space for everything that had to do with stationary. Papers, pens, crayons, markers, stamps etc…

I teach this habit called, “It Goes Where it Goes!” the premise is that it doesn’t leave your hand unless it is where it belongs.

But before we can let it go it has to have a place! What a concept ha?

Next I’ll talk about the 3 day Clutter magnet Transformation Challenge happening this Wednesday, April 21. You can sign up here:

We will tackle those areas at home that get cluttered with important things and unimportant things. The spaces that are most effected are everyday flat surfaces.

Kitchen counter, Coffee Table, Desk, End Tables and entrance ways…

If you are reading this and the date has passed, click on the link anyway, I will always have something hooked up to it, so go see what it is so you don’t miss out.

With love,