Today’s video is on one thing that you can do to keep your room either totally tidy and clean all the time… or how you can get your room decluttered and cleaned up even if it is a mess, without feeling overwhelmed. You will do the same thing in both instances.

After you are done getting ready in the morning, after you’re dressed, washed and ready to leave your room, don’t leave it yet. Set a timer for 7 minutes and do something in that room. Make this part of your morning routine.

If it’s neat and tidy, you’ll just do something, anything that needs to be done. When your room is already clear, normally it won’t take the entire 7 minutes. This routine keeps it that way effortlessly. If your room is a mess, you do the same thing. Before you leave the bedroom, set a timer for 7 minutes and begin the process of getting it cleaned up.

If there are things that belong in another room, pile them up and bring them out with you after the timer goes off. This will stop you from getting distracted doing something else in another room, keeping you focused on you’re bedroom until the timer goes off.

Work on whatever you want during that 7 minutes. Throw out garbage, put clothes away, put dirty clothes in a hamper, and pile up things that don’t belong in that room. You might want to focus on a surface and put things away. Maybe you have jewelry that needs to go back into your jewelry box… whatever you can do, do it. When the timer goes off, you’re done. Do this every day, and before you know it that room will be all decluttered, picked up, and ready to be dusted and cleaned.

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With Love,
The Tidy Tutor