This may seem like a simple thing, but it’s powerful, and if you struggle to get the simplest things done, this may seem like a foolish thing to even think about, because it will look like other things should be your priority, but I ask you to indulge me. Do this for a month.

This one thing will revolutionize how you feel about your ability to get stuff done and it will turn around LOTS of negatives that creep up into your mind as the day progresses. We all have an inner critic that is relentlessly trying to “Help” us. That voice can be debilitating, even paralyzing.

Again, I ask you to try this for a month. Begin your day like you are in charge of it. Put YOU first and give yourself the gift of priority, not only will you FEEL different, people will notice that something has changed, it really is that transformative.

First thing: Get up 30 minutes before you normally need to.

Shower, do your hair, moisturize, get dressed in peace, and do this before anything else. If it’s not something you do now it might feel like a HELL NO statement is about to pop out of your mouth, but please do it.

Here is a video you may remember from my 10 tips. If you never got my 10 tips you want to do that, you can get them here!

Something that I don’t have in that video is this: Once a week, (NAME THE DAY AND TIME, this is important) get it in your calendar… break out the china, or those cups that you never use and use them, burn the candle that you’ve been saving.

Have a cup of hot cocoa, tea or coffee in that special cup, or you can break out the stemware you save for company, have some sparkling cider, or a glass of wine… relax with a good book or treat yourself to a binge watch of your favorite show, journal or just allow yourself some quiet time, some time just for you.

Do this little special thing for you, once a week, make an appointment with yourself to do it… even if all you have is a short time. We have to start treating ourselves better, wait till you see what happens when you do.

Let this be a starting point for you to begin using your “special” things that you own on a regular basis and take time for you.

Now listen to me… when we want to begin anything different from we’ve done before, we need something to keep us on track otherwise it will not stick.

You can download this fun printable, it will help you remember to keep going and keep it a priority. Color in a heart each time you do it, be sure to put in the date. If you don’t do what you’ve planned one day, just don’t color in the heart that day.

It will really help you stay faithful and continue to do better and stay with it. One of the reasons people don’t do a goal they set is because they don’t have it written down and they forget that they even wanted to do it… This “heart” tracking device will help you keep this up.

Let me know what you think!

With Love,