It has been 2 months since my last blog. A lot has been going on, a lot has changed.

I had very different plans for Tidy Tutor for 2022, I just went to look into my journal for when the idea came to me to make the changes. It was December 19th, just over 2 months ago as of the time of this writing.

With the belief that it came from God I moved on this and it felt so right. But it was pretty scary.

Looking back, I could have been writing about it from the start, but I honestly didn’t know what was coming next. I didn’t know that so much was going to change and I had to figure out how was I going to do it. If I knew what God was asking me to do I would have thought it would have taken way longer, so it’s good that I didn’t know all the details at first. Hindsight is 20/20, next time I’ll write, do a video, or both and keep you in the loop.

I did communicate to those who subscribed to get emails from me and I did a live video announcing it on The Tidy Tutor Facebook page, but I didn’t blog about it or announce it on Youtube. I almost closed up shop as I figured things out and moved ahead with the changes as the changes were revealed to me.

Here’s what is happening… Tidy Tutor University has switched from a business to a ministry. No, I don’t have non-profit status, maybe that will happen, but for now, I’m moving ahead with what it is.

The course that used to be 497.00 is now available as a Pay What You Can offer. It is available to everyone who needs it regardless of what they could afford.

The thought that catapulted all of this was that I’m to start a Christian podcast called What Does God Say to You and have Tidy Tutor be the sponsor. Tidy Tutor would become a ministry and will be offered as a Pay What You Can basis.

The First thing I had to do was figure out how to get a “Pay What You Can” button to happen, it needed to trigger the enrollment, provide access to the class and have the person added to an email list so I could communicate to them.

Turns out it was not a turnkey process.

I made an announcement about Tidy Tutor being a Pay What You Can almost immediately, and that it was more of a mission for me than a business. I did this as a Facebook Live video and then sent out an email. (I think I did the Facebook live so that I wouldn’t chicken out of it.)

The response was wonderful and it helped me begin to believe that I was doing the right thing.

To make a long story short. I have the “Pay What You Can” offer done and everything moved over to another website platform.

This was no small feat, for any of you who know anything about what that takes to do, I know you’re impressed. For those of you who don’t… Believe me, it was ambitious, but once I knew what I needed to do, it actually happened easily and without stress, helping me believe that I was on the right track.

There is so much to let you know about! So many changes…

For one, Tidy Tutor University is now the “School” where all Tidy Tutor Courses live, and TTU is now known as The Tidy Tutor Masterclass.  TTU used to be done in a 4 session format, meant to take in 4 weeks. You would take session 1, practice what you learned in that session for a week, and then move on to session 2, and so on. Each session was built on the last.

In the new version, Each session is a stand-alone session. You won’t feel like you need to go back to the beginning to move ahead. As long as you’ve practiced the lessons in the previous modules, you’ll be golden.

You may be wondering how that could be, but it is. If you didn’t do the previous lessons you will wish you did, and you’ll see why you would want to, but it won’t stop you from doing that particular module.

I couldn’t get the information out as a blog or video before now because there was nothing to share but a plan and an idea, and I didn’t know how long it would take… It’s taken a lot longer time than I thought it would.

Well, it is all in place now! So here is a link so that you can have the Pay what You Can button and enroll!

Look for another video from me, showing you around inside the new platform. For now, thank you for your patience, to those who knew it was coming, and those who didn’t for my lack of consistent posting.


The Tidy Tutor