I had to go to the store and replace a Christmas wall hanging that fell off the wall and broke. I wanted to do it before my son got home from work because he just bought it and seemed so happy with it that I didn’t want him to be disappointed that it was broken.

It reminded me of the days when I was a total wreck and how hard things were for me this time of year. I wanted happiness and peace, but what I got was frustrated and Frazzled.

It hasn’t been a blur of to-dos and chaos for a very long time.

That is why I’m sharing this video with you today that I did many years ago. If you have last-minute things to do this video will really help you.

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This time of year can be so stressful. There is so much to do and get done. If you find yourself feeling like one of those plates your spinning is going to fall at any moment, or if all the plates have crashed, I help you with a step-by-step plan to begin and keep focused with a strategized to-do list. I show you how to break it down so that it isn’t so overwhelming.

Also, if the house is a mess there is another step-by-step instruction in the video on how to tackle the mess so you remain focused, with a plan to alleviate the overwhelm that probably feels like a fog hanging over you.

Here is what you do when you’ve got a lot of tasks to complete.

    1.  Write down 5 things that need to be done
    2. Write the #1 next to the thing that would make you the happiest to do and then do it. (Then cross it off)
    3. Look at the list and put the #2 next to the next thing that would make you the happiest and do it. (Then cross it off)
  1. Continue on this way till your list is all done. If you can’t finish everything at one time, just begin the next time you are able. Choose the next thing that will make you the happiest to complete, do it and then cross it off. If you have other things to get done add them to the list as you complete each session. It’s a good idea to keep it to 5 things at a time, so add things that come to mind as they come to you.I recommend writing the list in a notebook and not on a piece of paper. Writing on a piece of paper is a recipe for failure. It is too likely that the paper will be misplaced, lost, or tossed and that will just defeat the purpose.If the house is a mess and you want help with that too. All we really want is the main living areas cleaned up and the bathroom (you may want to work on a child’s room if that is the case just get that room in the mix)
  2. Here is how this works. It’s called “Crisis Cleaning”
            • You pick 3 rooms to work on.
            • Set a timer for 15 minutes
            • Work on one room like you’re playing beat the clock.
            • When the timer goes off you set it again and jump to the other room.
            • When the timer goes off again you go into the 3rd room.

    Start on your surfaces and work your way down.
    You will need:

            • A bag for garbage
            • Something to clean glass
            • Paper towels, newspaper, or cloth (for glass)
            • A cleaning/dust cloth
            • Furniture polish (optional)


            • Start with surfaces and work your way down.
            • Take anything that belongs in another room in the house and start a pile somewhere in the room.
                • If you are in the kitchen, the first thing to do is fill the sink with hot sudsy water to get the dishes soaking while you work on other things in that room.
                • Start with surfaces and work your way down.
                • Then the faces of cabinets and fridge
                • Start a pile somewhere with things that belong in another room in the house.

              Rinse and repeat. After you’ve done it 3 times you’ve worked 45 minutes in each room. You would have worked just over 2 hours. Doing it this way helps you to enjoy the work more and stay focused on getting it done.

Love Love Love!
The Tidy Tutor
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