Getting organized can happen for you, but you have got to be willing to get rid of things that you don’t love, can’t use and doesn’t fit in your house or on your body.

I am encouraging you on this video to really take a look at what you have.

How many glasses do you have in your kitchen cabinets? Do you still have Scooby-Doo cups and your children are in college?

How many shoes do you and your family own? Is the front door a big heap of leather, plastic and shoelaces?

Do you keep buying more and more things to KEEP YOUR STUFF IN?

Go to any OGP (Organizationally Gifted Person’s) house. THEY DON’T HAVE THIS STUFF!

They have what they need and love and want. When something breaks, they get rid of it. When something is not used anymore, they get rid of it.

There really is a mental block or some kind of limitation that makes us think that MORE is better!

Obviously it isn’t or you wouldn’t be here.

I talk about how I sometimes “fall off the wagon” in this video, but here is the thing. When you don’t have excess, when you don’t have clutter, and things get a bit out of control, things get right back in control in a flash when you regularly get rid of things and don’t have CLUTTER! STUFF!


It isn’t easy at first, to live without excess, but that is only because you are practiced at KEEPING. You will become practiced at LETTING GO!

It gets easy! I promise.

This week, take 15 minutes a day and go through a cabinet, a drawer or a closet and just start releasing what you don’t use, don’t love, is broken or doesn’t fit 🙂

Take pictures, post them on my facebook group:

Much Love to you!

The TidyTutor