We’re on Day 4 of our Mini Morning and Mini Evening routine Challenge. CLICK HERE FOR DAY 1 –CLICK HERE FOR DAY 2 Click HERE for day 3

Today our focus was on Happy. I talk about why following a routine on paper… deliberately and not just in our head contributes to happy. We will find ourselves in a land of contentment when we call the shots in our lives, even when some things are not what are ideal.

In day 4 video, I talk about a book called “Stumbling on Happiness” and how it revealed to me what actually happened for me when life was very difficult and I was in a deep state of depression. Somehow getting the routine I was already doing by memory on paper and mindfully following brought me out of the depression as a result turned me from miserable to happy.

Below is the routine, make sure you make it your own.


  • Up on Time (Right the time)
  • Make bed
  • Drink Water
  • Clothes in Dryer (Set timer)
  • Shower
  • Dress
  • Hair
  • Face
  • Pajamas Away
  • Coffee
  • Put dishes away
  • Make/Eat Breakfast
  • Clean up Breakfast
  • Get clothes out of dryer
  • Put clothes away.


  • Check Calendar
  • Make to do list
  • Put things buy door
  • Make Dinner / Eat
  • Clean up Dinner
  • Dinner dishes done
  • Prepare for Bed
  • Brush Teeth
  • Clothes away or in hamper
  • Wash a load of clothes
  • All dishes done
  • Bed on Time (Write the time).

Remember if you may need to make your morning and evening routines even smaller, that’s ok! Personalize it there is no routine that is too small. Make one up and stick to it. Be sure to leave comments! I will respond. Use this time to get the help you need!

With Love,
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